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Like any typical Canadian, I love ice hockey. I started skating when I was four, and since then, hockey has been the one thing I could always count on to feel like I excelled at. Related: How To Get The Type Of Job Everyone Wants Although I never fulfilled my dream of boyhood dream of playing in the NHL, I did win a few MVP and top scorer awards on my teams, so looking back, I consider my “career” a success. I also have hockey - along with my Dad - to thank for teaching me the first of these three powerful and universal laws of success. This first law has served me all my life, and without it - I wouldn’t be writing to you today. I discovered the other two laws later in life, and though there are many more laws out there… these three are what I consider to be most powerful in terms of helping you get what you want in life. So, without further ado, here are the three universal laws - starting with...

Law #1: You Get Out What You Put In

On the ice, I got direct and instant feedback based on my efforts. If I skated hard, played smart, and tried my best, then I’d score goals and help win games. If I was lazy and unfocused, then I would make mistakes and hurt the team. There was no confusion about the cause of the problem and no one else to blame. I was directly accountable for my results, and I was the only one who could change them. In life and our careers, we don’t always get feedback as quickly as in a game, and that’s why it’s even more important to understand and accept this law in the ‘real world’... … Because realizing you despise what your life has become after 5, 10, or 20 years in the workforce is a pretty ugly wake up call… And if the reason for those results is that you didn’t put in your best effort, then you have no one to blame but yourself. So, ask yourself at the end of each and every day, is what I’m putting in going to give me the results I want? You get out what you put in, so it’s all up to you.

Law #2: You Get What You Believe You’re Worth

Feel like you’re not paid enough? Or maybe that you deserve a better job? Well, here’s a law I learned after getting my heart broken as a young man… and it goes like this: If you truly believe with every fiber of your being that you deserve true love, then you’ll get it. If you feel you’re not good enough, then you won’t. If you believe you deserve to earn $50k - or $100k a year, then that’s what you’ll make, and if you believe you’re worthy of a great job that treats you well, then that’s what you’ll get. See, if you truly believed that you should have a result you desire right now, then that would already be your reality. If that’s not your reality, then one reason could be that you don’t believe you deserve it quite yet. Maybe you just need to work at it more, or maybe - based on your upbringing - you don’t even think it’s possible for someone like you. Either way, spending time with and learning from people who are getting the results you want is a great way to close the gap quicker and get what you want.

Law #3: The Law Of Specificity

Now here’s a law you can have a bit more fun with… because it’s as simple as this: The more specific you can get about exactly what you want in life, the faster you’ll get it. So, have some fun dreaming and scheming about what you want in your career and your life - and get specific! What color car do you want? What type of characteristics does your dream partner have? What kind of income do you want, and what type of job suits you best? So, remember the three universal laws if you’re looking to get what you want: you get out what you put in, you get what you believe you’re worth, and you’ve got to get specific about what you want. And if you want some more tangible job seeking tips for finding and getting your next dream job, then check out a little video I put together for you here. In it, I tell you where to find the best jobs with the most inspiring employers, and how to get their attention and get the job. Happy job seeking!

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