10 Companies We Know You'll Fall In Love With

Young professionals show enthusiasm over their workplace.

Love is in the air and we want to give some love to companies that create great work environments and a number of opportunities for their employees to succeed.

There are many, many great companies to work for and we wish we could recognize them all, but for the sake of this list, we'll just stick to 10. But don't worry, we're always on the lookout for companies to feature.

Companies Featured On Work It Daily

HubSpot employees collaborate in a relaxed setting.

BambooHR - Based in Lindon, Utah, the human resources software company that helps small to medium-sized businesses has a growing list of prominent clients, including Foursquare, Soundcloud, ZipRecruiter, and FanDuel, just to name a few.

BambooHR is continuing to grow and is poised to make a difference in the HR industry. Recognized as one of's Best Places To Work, BambooHR encourages its employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance and has a popular perk called "Paid Paid Vacation" where, once a year, the company pays the vacation expenses for every employee. Check out job openings at BambooHR.

Cisco Systems - Another company that encourages employees to work to live, not live to work, Cisco Systems believes that employees with a great work-life balance are better workers. The San Jose-based technology company offers three weeks of paid time off, including your birthday, and paid time off for volunteer/charity work.

In addition, the company offers flexible work policies, including the option to work from home. Cisco also offers competitive, annual bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and an employee stock purchase program. Check out job openings at Cisco.

Power Home Remodeling Group - The exterior home remodeling company has many of the qualities that job seekers are looking for: flexibility, growth, and strong compensation and benefits (including an annual company trip).

However, what really makes Power stand out is its commitment to veterans. The company launched the Power Veterans Initiative in 2016 and it expects 15 percent of its workforce to be veterans in the coming years. Company officials say the initiative is not charity and the veterans hired move up quickly into leadership positions. Power is headquartered in Chester, Pennsylvania and has 16 satellite locations serving in 24 states. Check out job openings at Power Home Remodeling Group.

HubSpot - Do you like flexibility? Hubspot offers plenty of it.

The business to business software company is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts but has several other offices, including internationally. Since the company has multiple offices and wants to hire the best, no matter where they are located, it employs a large remote workforce and has many flexible work policies. Company officials say they want employees to focus more on the impact and results of their work, rather than where and when they do it.

In order to make their remote workforce feel connected to the company culture, HubSpot employs a remote work inclusion manager that organizes video yoga sessions or remote water cooler meetings, where remote workers can get to know each other and talk about projects they're working on. Employees cite HubSpot's flexibility as one of the company's best attributes. HubSpot was named's Best Place To Work 2020. Check out job openings at HubSpot.

Companies With Cool Perks

Employees play ping pong at Spotify's Stockholm, Sweden headquarters.

Nestle Purina USA - Hate leaving your pet at home while going to work? You may want to check out a career at Nestle Purina. As the largest global pet food company, it's only natural that it would allow you to bring your pets to work.

The company's St. Louis headquarters is equipped for dogs, and cats, featuring a dog park, motion-sensored water fountains, and office common areas for pets. The company even broke a world record for pets in the workplace. Beyond the pet-friendly policies, Nestle Purina offers a strong benefits package focused on family, including generous parental leave, adoption assistance, infant formula assistance program, and assistance with pet adoption, to name a few. Check out the current job openings at Nestle Purina.

23andMe - Home-based DNA collection kits have become all the rage as people have become more curious about their ancestry and health history. California-based 23andMe is a leader in the DNA and genetic testing industry and puts a lot of emphasis on health for both its customers and employees. 23andMe's Genetic Health Risk report evaluates a person's genes and what type of health risks and diseases they may be predisposed for.

Employees at 23andMe are given a free test kit to learn more about their health and are encouraged to stay healthy through company-offered yoga, Pilates and strength training sessions. The company also offers standing desks and have multiple treadmill desks through its San Francisco offices. Organic lunches are served on a daily basis and most major companies meetings are held with food. Check out job openings at 23andMe.

Spotify - For many, Spotify is their favorite music streaming platform, but with multiple locations in the U.S. and internationally, it's also a business that offers a number of potential career opportunities.

All new employees are flown to Spotify's headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden for three days of onboarding and to meet the company CEO. Spotify offices are also well known for their amenities which include free lunch, baristas, and a band room with musical instruments, so co-workers can make beautiful music in their downtime.

According to employee reviews on Glassdoor, the company also offers strong compensation and benefits, including six-months of parental leave and assistance with fertility coverage. The occasional musician or celebrity has also been known to stop by the Spotify offices. Check out job openings at Spotify.

Companies Making Headlines

Salesforce employees collaborate at the company's New York office.

Gravity Payments - The Seattle-based credit card and processing company made the news last year when company CEO Dan Price announced he was cutting his pay and implementing a plan to eventually pay all 120 employees at least $70,000.

Price's plan was both applauded and heavily criticized, but early returns indicate that it hasn't had an impact on the company and company revenue continues to grow. Outside of the $70,000 minimum wage headlines, the company prides itself on empowering its employees to make important decisions and be a CEO.

The majority of reviews about Gravity on are positive, as many employees say that they work hard but feel appreciated and love the company culture. The company also offers unlimited time off, subsidized gym memberships, and weekly catered breakfasts and lunches, to name a few. Check out job openings at Gravity Payments.

Delta Airlines - Do you like to travel? Delta Airlines could be an intriguing option. Like many airlines, there are a number of opportunities for job seekers at Delta, including opportunities for flight attendants, in information technology, and within its Customer Engagement Centers.

Delta offers a robust benefits package to employees, including free and reduced travel benefits for employees and family members. Delta also has a strong reputation for social responsibility. Employees have many opportunities for community service, while the company gets behind many initiatives, such as improving gender equality in the workforce. As part of that effort, an all-female flight crew took 120 girls to NASA in October 2019. Check out current job openings at Delta.

Salesforce - Salesforce creates customer relationship management technology for large companies. The San Francisco tech company has been recognized for its workplace culture and innovation, but perhaps its most unique attribute is its focus on equality for all.

According to the company's website, Salesforce wants to build a workforce that reflects society and the company has a Chief Equality Officer and team focused on this goal. "Creating a culture of equality isn't just the right thing to do; it's also the smart thing—empowering us to innovate, build deeper connections with our customers, and ultimately become a better company," the company website states.

Currently, 43.9% of Salesforce's U.S. workforce is made up of underrepresented groups (Women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Multiracial, LGBTQ+, People with Disabilities, and Veterans) and the company has a goal of getting that number to 50% by 2023. Check out job openings at Salesforce.

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