3 Things Every Great Company Offers Its Employees

Doesn’t it feel good to know that your company cares about you - not just as a valued employee, but also as a person? Heck yes. Related: 3 Reasons Why Employees LOVE Working At Zillow If you’re waking up every morning and going to a job you hate at a company that doesn’t appreciate you, it might be time for a change. Life is too short! There are lots of companies out there that work hard to support their employees. One of those companies is the well-known insurance company, Prudential. Here are some things every great company offers its employees:

1. Supportive work environment.

A great company cares about the people who work there. The culture is very supportive and encourages them to reach their full potential. The number one asset at Prudential is its employees. By encouraging professional development opportunities like mentorships, it provides a supportive work environment to nourish the talent that works there.

2. Leadership opportunities (even if you’re not a manager).

Are you dying to hone your leadership skills but feel like you can’t because you’re limited by your current role? Even if you don’t hold a position in middle or upper management at Prudential, you have the opportunity to lead others. According to Beverley, an executive assistant at Prudential, you don’t need to be a manager to lead. She’s given the chance to refine her leadership skills every day at work, even though she’s not a manager.

3. Diversity and inclusion.

Prudential believes having a diverse workforce is essential to success. A great company embraces individually and unique talents, and leverages them to their full potential. “A tool box that’s only filled with hammers isn’t as useful as one filled with an assortment of tools, right?” wrote employment branding specialist Samantha Mick in this post. “Like a good tool box, a great company needs employees with assorted skills.” Prudential values each employee’s individual contribution and works hard to be an inclusive, diverse workplace. Want to learn more about what Prudential has to offer its employees? Check out its careers page here!

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