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5 Tips For A Happier, More Confident YOU

Have you noticed that when you're happy, you tend to be more productive, confident, and successful? Heck yeah! (Psst! Can’t get hired? Watch this free tutorial.) That said, we're all guilty of feeling negative sometimes, which can significantly damage those things. Here are some tips for a happier, more confident you:

1. Vow to stop NST.

When you’re feeling discouraged about something, it can be easy for the evil NST (negative self-talk) to take over. Don’t allow yourself to say (or THINK) things like, “I’ll never get a job” or “I’m never going to be good enough.” When you focus on this negative mindset, those thoughts turn into motivation-suckers. In addition, NST can be a big, fat barrier between you and strong relationships with others. According to WebMD.com, people who think negatively tend to be less outgoing and have weaker social networks than positive thinkers. Studies link positive emotions with more satisfying relationships. So, if you want to build a strong network, your first step is to have a more positive outlook on life!

2. Find a reason to smile every day.

Whenever I’m feeling down, I try to find something to smile about (usually the answer lies within Buzzfeed’s library of fun quizzes, cute puppy GIFs, and funny listicles). Whenever I feel myself giving into negative emotions, I allow myself five minutes to find something to smile about. Trust me, it works. :)

3. Embrace your quirks.

“You have to be odd to be number one.” - Dr. Seuss Your little quirks make you who you are - they make you unique. In a world when everyone is fighting to stand out from the crowd, there’s never been a better time to embrace what makes you different. Quirks are what give you flavor. Stop wasting time and energy on trying to be someone you’re not. Accept yourself and embrace those little things that make you... you.

4. Learn how to take a compliment.

You compliment others all the time, but what happens when someone compliments YOU? Do you smile and say, “Thanks!” Or do you instantly try to undermine yourself? There are many of us out there (myself included) who are guilty of this. According to this article in LifeHack, many people feel they don’t deserve positive feedback, anyone who pays them a compliment must be either lying, misguided, or feeling sorry for them. Here are some tips for compliment-taking:
  • Own your accomplishments.
  • Be appreciative.
  • Be honest and optimistic about the future.
  • Recognize your contribution.
  • Follow up.
  • Be gracious.
(You can check out the full-length tips from LifeHack here.)

5. Be thankful.

Say thank you. Whether a stranger opens a door for you or your boss gives you a raise, say thank you. Studies show that showing gratitude makes us happier. Make an effort to give thanks to those who deserve it.

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