The dreaded interview question, "Tell me about yourself," stumps a lot of folks. People of all ages and experience levels often fail to answer this one correctly, in a way that conveys meaningful information to the interviewer—information they will actually use to consider your candidacy.

First off, please know they are not asking you for a boring chronological re-cap of your professional history. That is the quickest way to lose their interest! What an employer is really asking is, “Why should I hire you?"

That being said, here's my 3-step process for giving them an answer that gets their attention.

1. Explain What Business Problems You LOVE To Solve

Enthusiasm for solving a business problem they need help with is the quickest way to get a hiring manager's attention. Let's face it, they aren't hiring you for the heck of it. You need to explain how you can make things better for an employer.

2. Show Them HOW You Know This Is A Good Problem To Solve

Companies hire people who can either save and/or make them money. So, when you provide examples from your personal or professional past that demonstrate the value your problem-solving skills provide, you are proving your worth.

It also shows that you are thinking like an employee who understands that their job is to make things better for the company.

3.  Explain WHY You Want To Leverage Your Problem-Solving Expertise For The Employer

Let them know how you hope to grow your skills and abilities by taking your problem-solving skills to the next level. This lets the employer know you plan to focus on being successful and expanding your value to the organization if you get hired.

Employers love candidates who clearly plan to hold themselves to a higher standard.

If you follow this 3-step guideline, I guarantee you'll create a compelling story that will have the employer sitting up and taking notice. This is your chance to sell your value—don't pass it up!

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