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4 Ways To Show You're Ready For More Responsibility At Work

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In almost every office, there are 'lucky' employees given formidable projects like setting up a new department or coming up with strategies for re-branding the company.

Then, of course, there are those assigned to do the so-called gruntwork such as alphabetizing clients' files, updating suppliers' contact details, and organizing meetings.

There's nothing wrong with doing grunt work, as these tasks are necessary for the business to operate efficiently. However, there comes a point when you want to move on to do more meaningful and challenging work.

Simply put, you want to get promoted.

After all, doing the same thing over and over again isn't exactly going to do anything for your career growth. That's why you should have the courage to ask for bigger responsibilities. Don't wait for your boss to hand that exciting project to you—you must be proactive! Fight for it if you have to.

Here's how you can show everyone you're ready to move up in the world and finally earn that promotion:

1.Get The Tasks Nobody Wants To Do

Do the grunt work with enthusiasm. If necessary, over-deliver. For instance, if you're tasked with alphabetizing clients' files, you can also make backup copies of the said files. If nobody wants to face a particularly difficult client, volunteer for the task. Doing so would prove that you're willing to do even the most difficult things to make your mark. This also establishes your reputation as a reliable member of the team.

2.Help Overworked And Stressed Co-workers


Once you're done with the tasks assigned to you, you can help out any co-worker who's overwhelmed with their tasks. Don't be pushy, though. Let your co-worker tell you what to do—and then give it your best shot. Make sure you have your co-workers permission before you tell your boss and other office-mates about the collaboration. Otherwise, people might think you're trying to take credit for their work.

3.Take Stock Of Your Skills And Learn New Ones

Make an inventory of what you can do. Find a way to highlight these skills. If you're good with words, you can offer to help your co-workers write their reports. You can also acquire more skills that will help you snag your target projects. For example, if your company has an office in Paris and you'd like to be assigned there, then learn French.

4.Ask Your Boss For A New Project


Get to know everything about your company. Immerse yourself in all sorts of information about the industry that you're in. Know the trends and other factors affecting your line of work. This information can help you suggest new projects and tasks to your boss. When you pitch a project, it helps if you present your skill set, as well so your boss knows what you can do.

Remember: YOUcontrol your career's direction.

You don't have to wait that long to get the project or position or promotion you want. If you have the drive and will to succeed, then you can move forward in your profession at a much faster pace.

The trick is to do everything that you're assigned to do extraordinarily well and to keep improving your skill set. This way, you're always ready to take advantage of an opportunity for career advancement.

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