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Coronavirus & Career: What You Need To Know

Coronavirus & Career: What You Need To Know

COVID19 can have a negative impact on your health, but can it harm your career?

The short answer is yes.

"If your work is more of a 'nice to have', if your work is work that they can get by without during a major crisis, then you are definitely at risk" - J.T. O'Donnell on how COVID19 can impact your career.

If this scares you, that's a GOOD thing. If you're scared that means you're going to be prepared. Now there is a difference in being scared and panicking. Don't panic.

We've all heard how COVID19 can impact your health and how to stay healthy, but what about how to keep your career safe? Today I want to talk about the three things you can do right now to protect your career or job search from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Meet Your Host: J.T. O'Donnell

J.T. O'Donnell is the founder and CEO of Work It Daily, an online platform dedicated to helping people solve their biggest career problems.

She has more than 15 years of experience in HR, recruiting and career coaching.