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Some people will stay in jobs that they're unhappy with just because they're afraid to be involved in the job search process.

Instead of being held back by fear, job seekers should embrace the job search process.

Sure, the job search process will have its ups and downs, but there are ways to empower yourself with information that could potentially speed up your job search.

At Work It Daily, many of our members find success by using the three C's to improve the effectiveness of their job search. While the three C's are utilized heavily within the Work It Daily platform, they can benefit anyone.

Here are the three C's:


A job seeker actively consumes information about the job search process.

The job search process is always evolving, and it's important to make every effort to keep up. The best way to keep up is to consume as much information as possible. Fortunately, there's a lot of information online about best practices for the job search process (i.e. video tutorials, online quizzes, blogs, etc.).

We offer a lot of this stuff for FREE at Work It Daily.

But, no matter where you go to find this content, it's important that you take that personal responsibility to get informed. School doesn't teach us how to find a job. It's literally in the hands of the job seeker.



Would Tom Brady have been as successful without Bill Belichick? This is a popular sports debate that we may never truly know the answer to. It's fair to say that Brady still may have been a good quarterback without the coaching of Belichick, but it's also fair to say that Belichick's coaching gave Brady a boost that made his career historic.

It's similar with career coaching. It's not impossible to find a job without a coach, but having a coach can help you find a job faster and leave you with lifelong lessons that could help you with future career growth opportunities.

Using a career coach is like making an investment in yourself. There are both long-term and short-term benefits that you can gain from it.

If you don't feel that career coaching is right for you, you should at least tap into your network and consult with a trusted colleague or mentor, who could offer you some valuable advice about the job search process.


A group of young professionals collaborate.

It's never easy to go through a tough life experience alone. The job search process is no different. It helps to surround yourself with a group of like-minded, positive people who are going through the same thing.

You can learn new things by listening to other people's job search experiences and exchanging ideas about the process.

There are many ways to be involved in a community during a job search,

A platform like Work It Daily offers multiple networking opportunities for its members to connect with other job seekers and build a support system. You can also tap into your network and reach out to connections that are also going through the job search process.

It helps to have a support system to not only motivate you, but to share in the setbacks and accomplishments.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to the job search process, but taking advantage of all the resources available to you is a smart move.

Speaking of resources, Work It Daily has a few that can help your job search.

Check out our FREE Job Search Checklist to help get your search on the right track.

To take full advantage of coaching and community, join Work It Daily today and have access to one-on-one online coaching, resume and cover letter reviews, online tutorials, and unlimited networking opportunities.

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