It's been a wonderful and relaxing weekend but, as late Sunday afternoon arrives, a shadow begins to loom.

It slowly begins to dominate your thoughts and remains in the back of your mind, even as you take in the last ounces of joy from the weekend.

Then, suddenly, it's Monday morning. Does it really have to be this way?

Monday has pretty much taken on the role of villain in workplace culture. Whenever the week begins on the wrong foot and moods are tested, it usually gets blamed on Monday.

Don't let Monday dictate your mood.


It's time to stop blaming Monday for bad moods and rough starts to the week.

Frustrated workers have given Monday all this power over the years but there are some subtle ways to take this power back and regulate Monday to just another day in the week

Prepare On Friday

Once the work of the week is complete take some time to prepare for Monday. Perhaps, there is some time to get a jump on next week's work.

Make a list of things that need to get done next week, so you can go into the weekend with peace of mind and avoid any potential Monday morning surprises.

If you dread going to work on Mondays, watch this.

Why do you dread going into the office Monday morning? It's time to identify the problem.

Here's how to make your Monday mornings more bearable...


Ease Up On The Monday Morning Meetings

Any prep work done on Friday could potentially make the Monday morning meetings go smoother, but what if there wasn't a Monday morning meeting at all?

Yes, meetings are important to make sure everyone within the company is on the same page and working toward the same goals. However, there's no rule saying that they have to be held Monday morning. The meeting could be held on Monday afternoon or any other day of the week instead.

When Monday morning meetings are unavoidable, a good breakfast and coffee can be your best friends. For employers looking to make Monday morning meetings easier, offering free food and coffee is never a bad bet.

Getting Sunday night ZZZ's will help Monday morning blues.

Be Well-Rested

Weekends are a time to catch up on things and have a little fun. As a result, rest and relaxation can sometimes fall by the wayside.

In an ideal scenario, most of the weekend's activities would be concluded by late Sunday afternoon, allowing you an opportunity to wind down, relax, and get a good night's sleep.

Going into any workday with low energy will have a negative impact but more so on Monday because it could potentially set a negative tone for the rest of the week.

Go into Monday with as much energy as possible and set a productive tone for the rest of the week.

Here's how to get EXCITED about Mondays...


Make Monday Special

Give yourself something to look forward to each Monday. It could be going out to lunch or happy hour after work with co-workers and friends or maybe a special family dinner out each Monday.

It could even be something as simple as a workout at the gym or a movie or game night.

Whatever it is, having something fun to look forward to each Monday makes the day seem more manageable and adds positivity to it.

Change your perspective on Mondays.

Change Your Attitude

We've been programmed to dread Mondays but what if it's more mental than reality? Ask yourself, is my Monday any worse than any other day?

In most cases, it probably isn't.

And even if it is, how you decide to approach the day could go a long ways in determining how the day goes.

Many unpleasant things in life can be improved with a positive attitude. Look at Monday as a brand new start, a clean slate. You're about to meet a new work week and Monday is a first impression.

Continuing to approach Monday with dread and negativity will only make things worse.

Remember, Monday is only 24 hours long. You can get through it!


Accept that some days are just better than others and remember that a new day is just 24 hours away.