Jenny Yerrick Martin
Jenny Yerrick MartinName: Jenny Yerrick Martin Website/Blog:www.yourindustryinsider.comBio: Jenny Yerrick Martin is a Los Angeles-based entertainment career expert and strategist, veteran hiring executive and career consultant, and the creator of A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communications, Jenny has over 20 years of industry experience, and has worked worked freelance, temp, and permanent jobs in television, music, and film, most notably at a prestigious studio-based independent film production company. Jenny is known for her insight into what it takes to make it in any position in entertainment, her understanding of the most expedient path to reach a particular target job or dream career, and her wide network of industry contacts. Through her entertainment career site,, which features profiles of successful industry professionals, spotlights of resources, and posts on career topics related to entertainment, as well as her presentations to students and recent grads and her one-on-one work with clients, she has helped hundreds of people break in, move up, and make it in entertainment. Jenny is a true industry insider, providing those outside the industry with the edge they need to break in and subsequently thrive in an often challenging, always sought-after field. Look for her upcoming book, Breaking into the Biz: The Essential Insider’s Guide to Launching an Entertainment Industry Career, coming soon. What's your favorite career related quote?“Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work." (Robert Orben) “A lot of show business, as you know, is about all the contacts you make and who you know.” (Denise Crosby) What’s your favorite part about being a CAREEREALISM-Approved Career Expert? I love giving people true insight on getting in and making it in entertainment from an insider’s point of view. Articles written by this expert:4 Things Your Entertainment Resume Should Not Say About You3 Things You Must Say in Your Entertainment Job Interview4 Secrets to Winning Entertainment Cover Letters5 Warning Signs You May Not Want the Entertainment Job You Are Interviewing ForFailure on the Way to Something BetterHow to Write Your Resume Like an Online Dating ProfileYour Essential LinkedIn Guide: Harness the AwesomenessWhy Everyone Needs a Resume – Even YOUBringing Creativity and Authenticity to Your CareerHow to Get Hired from an Entertainment Temp Job4 People You Should Not Take Entertainment Career Advice FromEntertainment Career Stability: Sometimes Your Mother is Right3 Must-Dos When You Don’t Get the JobWhy Didn’t I Get Called Back for the Job? Finding a Job Through an Entertainment Personnel Agency3 Steps to Move Ahead in Your Entertainment CareerJump Up a Level in Your CareerHow Impressive is Your Elevator Pitch?Branding Yourself for the Entertainment BusinessAt What Age Should You Start a Career in Entertainment?The 5 Commandments of Getting Hired in EntertainmentCareer Advice: What We Can Learn from Mindy Kaling of ‘The Office’3 Flexible Day Jobs for Actors9 Cheap Ways to Network in a New CityHow to Pay the Bills While Pursuing Your Dream Career3 Tips for Acing an Informational Interview3 Steps to Branding Yourself for Career SuccessCareer Benchmarks in the Entertainment BusinessHow Raising Your Hand Makes a Difference in Your Career4 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Entertainment Career4 Ways To Reconnect With Your Career
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