How To Keep Your Job During A Recession

Man wonders if he'll be able to keep his job during a recession

I struggle to write about this subject because it might suggest that there are special strategies to keep your job during a recession. There is no guarantee anyone will keep their job during a recession. But there are some things you can do to increase your chances, some things that are in your control.

I personally believe an excellent work ethic helps you keep your job during an economic downturn. This very strategy will also help you move up the corporate ladder in good times.

Regardless of the economic climate, one should always practice a good work ethic. There are other things you need to do too, though.

Here's how to keep your job during a recession...

1. Be Nice

Woman is kind to her coworker during a recession


It feels funny to even remind people of this common courtesy. But in a recession where jobs are threatened, we all can guess who will be put on the chopping list between two employees of equal caliber.

If you have been nasty to co-workers, perhaps it is time to reflect and start changing. Smile more often, compliment your colleagues, and offer words of encouragement, kindness, and wisdom.

2. Be A Competitive Advantage

Man adds value to his team during a recession


Ideally, you are already a competitive advantage to your team. It's never too late to start if you have never thought about this. What is it that you can uniquely offer to your team that others cannot? Do you have a specific skill set? Are you knowledgeable in a certain area of business? How do you show your value at work?

If you are a competitive advantage to your team, you have a better chance of keeping your job during a recession.

3. Work Hard

Two co-workers work hard during a recession


Working hard implies a few things. It says you are willing to sacrifice. It says you enjoy your job. It also says you add more value to the company because you are churning out more than an average employee.

During a recession when everyone is expected to work with limited resources, the one who can work harder will likely triumph.

4. Do More & Talk Less

Woman hopes she will keep her job during the recession


If your mom has told you to "do more and talk less," heed that advice now. If you are someone who complains, blames, and gossips, you had better stop now. No one will tolerate a terrible co-worker, a complainer, or someone who casts blame or spends too much time gossiping in good times, much less during a recession. How will all these help in keeping and maintaining your job?

Take personal responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others. If it can be fixed, stop complaining. If it cannot be fixed, no amount of complaining will fix it. Offer a solution instead. Be a valuable, helpful employee—not a negative, counterproductive one.

5. Increase Revenue And/Or Cut Costs

This will be a constant theme among companies and you should make that your mantra, too. You are a business-of-one. How you justify your employment, especially during a recession, is by your ability to either make or save your employer money.

Think about how you can positively contribute to the company's bottom line, and start working towards that goal now. This, if nothing else, will help you keep your job.

During a recession, be thankful and happy that you have a job. But, also don't take it for granted. Be nice to your co-workers, work hard, and genuinely contribute to the company's vision and bottom line, always thinking about how you can save or make your employer money. If you do these things, you'll increase your chances of keeping your job during a recession.

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