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Does Your Job Have These 3 Money-Making Virtues?

Does Your Job Have These 3 Money-Making Virtues?

Are you making as much as you should be at your job? How do you know? In this article, I’m going to share three unique money-making virtues that your job must have to maximize your income and success. You may not have thought of these before, but trust me… you’ll consider them on a day-to-day basis going forward. Because the simple truth is this: If your job doesn’t have them, you’re essentially losing money. I’m going to reveal why in a moment... Related:3 Qualities Employers Are Looking For But first, don’t worry if your job doesn’t have these three unique virtues. I’ll show you a simple, proven way to get one that does... and more.

The 3 Money-Making Virtues

You see, many of us get comfortable in our job. We get in a routine, and we get good at it. However, the routine that has worked for us in the past could be preventing us from creating an even better future. So, as you read through these three virtues, ask yourself if you’re getting everything you deserve, or whether you could have more. Without further ado, here are the three money making virtues:

1. Leveling Up

You level up each day by honing your skills, gaining wisdom, and becoming more valuable. The more you level up, the more money you make. So, ask yourself this: Is your job pushing you to level up every day? If not, then you’re essentially losing money. I’ll show you why, and what you can do about it in a moment. First, here’s the 2nd virtue...

2. Playing To Your Strengths

A study in Fortune Magazine showed that people who are doing something they like and are good at are 127% more productive than the average employee. If you’re more productive, then you’re more valuable… And not just to your current employer. The more value you provide, the more opportunities that will come your way… and the more money you could make.

3. Matching Your Values

It may be more important than you think to have your values match those of your employer. If you see them treating employees unfairly - even if it’s not you - you’ll likely lose respect for them. If they use unethical marketing tactics or harm the environment, you’ll want to get out of there. And when you’re not 100% committed to the mission of your company, you’re not going to want to do your best and level up. Your job will become a waste of your time, and stunt your growth rather than help you level up.

Value = Income

The amount of value you provide to the world is directly proportionate to the amount of money you make… and the three money-making virtues we just went through are a big part of that. In any profession, the better you are at your job, the higher your salary. Arguably, professions like firefighters and teachers are severely underpaid compared to the amount of value they provide to the world. But within those professions, good firefighters still get paid more than average ones. Now, the real trick to maximizing your value and your income is to find a company that actively focuses on helping you level up each day. A company that aligns with your values and understands the importance of empowering you to play to your strengths. When you work for a company like this, you’re happily doing your absolute best day in and day out, and becoming more valuable to them and other potential employers as a result.

Where Can I Find Companies Like This?

Lucky for you, there’s a growing movement of organizations just like these. In fact, there’s an entire list of them called the GameChangers 500. You’ll find fun places to work like Zappos, an online retailer, on there. Companies committed to making a difference, like TOMS shoes. And inspiring companies like Kiva, who empower aspiring entrepreneurs around the world with business loans. But be careful. You don’t want to apply to companies like these with a traditional resume...

How Do I Get A Job With A GameChanging Company?

Well, it all circles back to the three money-making virtues. Show them how valuable you are in a unique, creative, and authentic way. Take strength assessments and highlight the strengths that naturally align with what you want to do with them Study their values, and understand their mission. GameChanging companies are fiercely passionate about their cause, and want people who align with it. And lastly, don’t make a simple change to your cover letter and email it off to as many companies as possible. Frankly, it’s a waste of time. Do some research, educate yourself, and put some effort into getting the attention of a GameChanging company. And if you need a little help, I’ve put together a free video for you alongside the founder of the GameChangers 500. In this video, I share his best tips for getting the attention of a GameChanging company, and landing your dream job.

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