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Why You NEED To Be A 'Purple Cow' In Your Industry

Why You NEED To Be A 'Purple Cow' In Your Industry

Seth Godin wrote one of the best business books of the last decade. The book I’m referring to is Purple Cow. Related:What Taylor Swift Can Teach You About Success In Your Career Purple Cow is a metaphor for distinguishing a point of differentiation. In his book, Seth goes on to mention that if you were to drive down a farm road and you saw a field of brown cows, nothing would stand out. You wouldn’t notice one cow from the hundreds of others. However, what if you saw a Purple Cow? Your eyes would immediately light up in amazement. You would instantly notice the purple cow and you’ll do everything in your power to get a closer look. The idea behind Purple Cow is that businesses should approach their marketing in such a way that they stand out from the competition. If a business defies conventional wisdom and redefines the way they market their products and the creative that’s associated with it, they will stand out, leaving customers and prospects in awe. Apple does this better than anyone. Think about how this can be applied to your career. Your average person is just one of hundreds of millions of people looking to get a job. As employers sift through the sea of brown cows, how will you stand out from the competition? Having a distinguished degree and a slick resume isn’t going to cut it anymore. That’s no longer good enough. In a day and age in which competition for jobs is at an all-time high, you have to put tactics into place to ensure that you continue to have a seat at the table. After the Great Recession, many people spent months and years complaining about how the recession ruined their job and destroyed their lives. That very well could be true. It’s unjust and it’s unfair. However, after the dust settles, all you can do is move forward. The best way to move forward is to be preemptive. It’s time to think different. If you want to become a Purple Cow in your industry, you have to build a personal brand and market yourself in a way that goes above and beyond the mediocre tactics of the Brown Cow. That is the only way you stand a chance of getting the job of your dreams and building the career you’ve always desired.

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