QUIZ: Who Is Your Celebrity Role Model?

QUIZ: Who Is Your Celebrity Role Model?

Since you were little, you looked up to someone. Who was it? How have they influenced you? QUIZ:How Good Is Your Professional Etiquette? All of us have influencers – people we look up to and try to model ourselves after. They can be anyone from your older brother to your favorite superstar. So, who is your celebrity role model? Take this quiz to find out!

1. On Monday mornings, you…

(a) Greet your team with a pep talk (b) Share laughs with your co-workers about weekend shenanigans (c) Get to work extra early to tackle emails (d) Take a few minutes to read up on industry trends

2. What best describes your personality?

(a) Caring (b) Fun (c) Driven (d) Adventurous

3. As a leader, you…

(a) Find ways to inspire your team (b) Find ways to make work fun and exciting (c) Make training and preparing your team a priority (d) Usually try to do everything yourself

4. When you screw up a big project…

(a) You regroup and tell yourself you’ll get it next time (b) You laugh it off (c) You analyze where you went wrong (d) You try something else

5. Your co-workers see you as a…

(a) Supporter (b) Friend (c) Teammate (d) Explorer

6. Pick a hobby.

(a) Reading (b) Goofing off with your friends (c) Playing sports (d) You have so many hobbies – you can’t choose one!

7. The best part of your job is:

(a) Helping others (b) Connecting with others (c) Beating the competition (d) Trying new things

8. What’s your alternative career choice?

(a) Motivational speaker (b) Comedian (c) Basketball player (d) Actress Results

Mostly As: Oprah Winfrey

You’re a fearless leader and you inspire your team. You’re compassionate and caring, and your non-judgmental attitude allows others to open up to you and be honest. You’re the glue that holds your team together! Check out this article for new ways to motivate your team >>  

Mostly Bs: Jimmy Fallon

You know how to work hard, but you also know how to have fun! Your most prized quality is your ability to connect with others easily. You make mistakes, but you just laugh them off and move onto the next challenge with a big smile on your face. Click here to see why Jimmy Fallon is a great role model for your career >>  

Mostly Cs: Michael Jordan

You work harder than anyone else. You go to work early and stay late. You see failure as an opportunity to grow. Nothing can stop you – you’re determined to make it big. And with your driven attitude, you will! Click here to find out the 7 VITAL habits of all successful professionals >>  

Mostly Ds: Jennifer Lopez

You do it all! You’re passionate about your industry and you want to explore every aspect of it. You love trying and experiencing new things, and you work hard to make each new venture a success. Click here to learn how to manage your career and all of your new opportunities >>  

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