The 3 Cardinal Resume Sins

These days, it’s easy to fall into the trap of committing one of the three cardinal resume sins when applying for your next job. Related: 3 Irresistible Resume Tweaks That Will Get You The Job They’re tempting. They’re simple. But the bottom line is that they won’t get you the job you desire. And that’s what’s important. Because you want results… and a job that’s far better than your last one. A job where you feel appreciated, happy, and like you’re doing something that matters.

The 3 Cardinal Resume Sins

So in this article, I’ll tell you what these three “cardinal sins” are… And I’ll also share a free resource that’ll help you get your dream job with a top-notch company.

Sin #1: “Scamming” Employers

This is the worst - and easiest of the three to commit. Many of us have slipped and fallen victim to the tantalizing appeal of this option… Yet, if you’re looking for a truly great job, then this simply won’t work. By “scamming employers," I mean submitting your boring, traditional resume to dozens of employers at the same time - through an online service or otherwise. I’ve seen people submit resumes to employers in totally irrelevant industries seeking completely different skill sets. It’s a waste of time for employers… and for you. So it’s time to face the facts: If you want a great job, then you need to find one and spend the effort it takes to convince them you deserve the position. “Spamming employers” like this can be made to look like a magic pill to job seekers, when really it’s a poison apple.

Sin #2: Not “Selling” Yourself

Let’s get one thing straight. Your resume has one job… and that is to “sell” you to employers. It needs to convince them that you’re worthy of their attention, and thus, needs to be written in an attractive and persuasive way. Write catchy headlines that pull people in. Make your sentences concise and clear. And don’t be afraid to brag a bit. “Sell” yourself in your resume, and it’ll go a long way towards helping you get a great job.

Sin #3: Poor Grammar

Spelling mistakes and poor grammar in your writing are the equivalent of showing up a half hour late to your interview. If you commit this sin, you might as well not even show up. So let’s be honest with each other… with the spelling and grammar tools available today, the only reason these mistakes happen is because we don’t care enough about getting the job to make sure the resume is done right. If that’s the case, then perhaps it’s time to reconsider what you really want to do. When you find the right thing, you’ll want it bad enough to make sure your resume shines.

Your Free Resource For Getting Your Dream Job

As promised, there’s a free resource waiting for you here that will help you get your dream job with a top-notch company. It’s a video I put together alongside my mentor - who helped me get my dream job years ago - that shares three highly effective tips you can apply today to find and get a great job. Happy job seeking!

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