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4 Underrated Workplace Perks

Employees applaud a co-worker who has done great work.

The type of workplace perks and benefits offered by companies can really run the gamut. But these perks don't necessarily have to be extraordinary to ensure employee happiness.

Workplace benefits and perks have evolved significantly over the years. Some large companies are able to offer employees things like gym memberships and catered meals, in addition to the standard health and retirement benefits. Not every company can do that, but you don't have to.

Sometimes the smallest benefits and perks can make a huge difference to employees. Here are some underrated benefits and perks that employees love.


Allowing employees to work from home on occasion is a benefit that respects their work-life balance.


Some offices have robust remote workforces, but it's not for everyone. Some workplaces aren't built for it, and some employees don't like the idea of working remotely.

However, if it's a job that could be done remotely, employers should give their employees the option to work remotely on occasion. This benefit is extremely helpful when weather impacts the commute or employees have an issue with childcare or other family obligations.

Good employees won't abuse the option and will appreciate the fact that they have that flexibility.

Also, if you have a workplace that needs a certain amount of production, but it doesn't matter what time that production takes place, then flexible work schedules are another solid perk. Sometimes employees need to start work early or late, based on family or personal needs.

Remote work options and flexible schedules are two perks that show employers appreciate the importance of good work-life balance.

Training And Professional Growth Opportunities

Offering employees a chance to upskill is a great investment in their careers.


Whether it's company-sponsored training courses, or making employees aware of third-party courses, pushing for employees to upskill is actually a sign of appreciation.

If you're an employee, one of the worst things that could happen to you is to have a boss or company that takes no interest in your career growth. A company that is invested in you and offers you opportunities to upskill is a benefit.

Employees should not only take advantage of this benefit, but they should also be on the lookout for these opportunities. Employers will appreciate the proactive approach.


Free food is the best food!

As stated earlier, not every company can afford catered meals for their employees, but most employees don't expect that.

In most cases, any unexpected food that shows up in the workplace is a benefit.

It can be as simple as donuts and coffee on Friday, Pizza Thursday once a month, or employee-run potlucks. Some companies form their own unique traditions around food, such as baked cookies when it rains or snows.

Another thing employers could consider is occasionally awarding gift cards to employees that could cover things like food, coffee, or groceries.

Any meal or gift card provided by work is one less thing, or expense, that employees have to worry about.


You don't have to be friends with your co-workers to be successful, you just need to be professional and respectful.

That being said, having friends at work is a nice perk, as long as it doesn't interfere with your workplace responsibilities.

Employers should consider occasional team building activities or outings, anything that encourages co-workers to work together in different situations and to get to know each other better. Building a workplace that encourages teamwork and friendship has the potential to make the workplace stronger.

From the employee perspective, having friends at work gives you one more thing to look forward to when going to work and can potentially help build your confidence.

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