4 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Juggling Remote Work

Remote work includes a lot of sitting, so it's important to find time to exercise.
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Most everybody has seen their office shift from plastic chairs and fluorescent lights to the desk two feet from their bed. Effectively mastering this transition can be a difficult task.

With four simple habits, your new, remote work life can be a breeze—maybe even enjoyable.

Develop A Workout Routine

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Whether you're a tried and true morning exerciser or you prefer moving your body at night, developing some form of a workout routine is vital for a healthy work-from-home lifestyle. When sitting at a desk all day, you may notice that your energy levels deplete as the day progresses.

Working out, at any time of day, can be great for boosting those energy levels and keeping you efficient throughout the work day. Also, don't forget to take short stretching breaks, especially for your neck and back.

Meal Prep

Good meal prep is a popular way to stay in shape while working from home.Photo by Ella Olsson on Unsplash

Although meal prepping often sounds like a daunting task, taking the extra time to cook, prepare, and plan meals for the week will save you a lot of time and energy later on. Meal prepping, especially on the weekends, can be a lifesaver as work from the week begins to pile up.

Meal prepping is also a great way to ensure that you have healthy meals ready-to-go to fuel your body and mind during work days. An added bonus of meal prepping is that it can help curb unnecessary snacking throughout the day—hallelujah!

​Regulate Screen Time

Young professional read a book during a break from her remote job.Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Most remote jobs mean a lot of screen time, which could lead to unwanted headaches and a foggy mind. So, when possible, take short breaks to give your eyes a rest. Take a few minutes to look out the window, read a couple pages in a book, or even close your eyes for a quick mental rest.

Blue-light glasses, which block the harmful blue light of screens from your eyes, can also be a smart investment when working from home. Also, consider putting your phone and computer down during your lunch break for a true rest for your eyes and mind.

Connect With Coworkers

Young professional waves to c-workers during a Zoom meeting.Photo by Ryan Mendoza on Unsplash

Sadly for extroverts and maybe happily for introverts, remote work can make it very difficult to socialize and make friends with co-workers. However, connecting socially is crucial for our mental health.

Although it may take more thought and effort, take the time to have weekly happy hour Zoom calls, send a friendly "have a great day'' text, or start an office book club. We promise it'll be worth it!

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