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5 Things You MUST Do Before An Interview

There are a few things that are absolutely CRITICAL to interview success. If you want to get a job offer, you’ve got to do these things before an interview: (Psst! Can't get hired? Watch this free tutorial.)

1. Research the company.

Before you go into an interview, whether it’s a phone screen, in-person, group, panel, or virtual interview, you MUST do your homework on the company.You want to understand the companies to which you’re applying BEFORE the interview. That way, when they ask, “So, what do you know about us?” you’ll have a solid answer and won’t be flustered. (P.S. The last thing you want to say is “Oh, not much. I was hoping you’d tell me!”)

2. Understand what salary range is competitive.

Always, always, always understand what’s the going rate for your position in your industry. The hard truth is, you might not make the same salary as your last job. You need to understand what’s a competitive salary BEFORE you apply for a job (and especially before you get into the interviewing process). Otherwise, you risk pricing yourself out of the job right off the bat, or worse, selling yourself short.

3. Know what you bring to the table.

Know what exactly what you bring to the table in terms of value. Why are YOU going to be an asset to this company? What problem are you going to solve and how will you solve it better than the ‘other guy’? You need to understand this inside and out. Otherwise, you’re going to have a hard time selling yourself to the interviewer.

4. Prepare some examples.

Examples help you backup your claims. They’re proof that you’ve been there, done that, and did it well. Prepare some relevant, quantifiable accomplishments that you can bring up during the interview to reinforce your skill sets.

5. Practice your delivery.

Practice makes perfect! The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll be when you’re in the interview. You’ll look calm, focused, and confident. Consider doing a mock interview with a friend or a career coach beforehand to get you warmed up for the real thing!

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Need help with your job search or career? We can help!

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