2021: It’s Not Your Parents' Job Search

Work It Daily founder J.T. O'Donnell outlines changes in the modern-day job search.

As a career coach for the last 20 years, I have watched job search dramatically evolve. Technology, economic crises, and the evolution of the gig economy have changed not only how people job search, but what they look for in an employer.

As I start to work with an increasing number of millennials who are now well-established in their careers, one thing is certain: they have no desire to look for work like their parents did.

At Work It Daily, we've embraced the need to create a new, better way to look for a job because we know the next generation wants to move beyond Glassdoor, Indeed, and even LinkedIn. While these sites have been quite instrumental in transforming the way people look for work, they still don't fully deliver on the way today's sophisticated job seeker wants to find their next employer.

Death To The ATS

A job seekers shows frustrated over the applicant tracking system.


As someone who talks with job seekers daily on TikTok, I can tell you the ATS is the single most hated aspect of job search today. Spending hours online filling out applications only to either be immediately rejected or never hear from the employer has left a very foul taste in the mouth of a workforce who hates feeling like they have no control over their situation.

Rise Of Job Shopping


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Job seekers today don't rush to apply to just any position posted. They do their homework. They prefer to research a company to decide whether or not they can see themselves working there. They have standards. They want to feel aligned with an employer's mission, values, and approach to business.

Be Easy To Use, Or Lose Me Forever

A disinterested job seeker.


Sites that are "free" aren't really free. Job seekers are tired of having to give their information and time in order to unlock functionality on job boards and review sites. Holding information hostage is the fastest way to lose top talent today.

"Edutain" Me, Or Else


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Today's workforce has been raised on storytelling aka social media. They expect employers to tell authentic stories via social media as a way to show transparency and earn credibility. It's just not enough to have a page on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, or even the so-called millennial site, The Muse.

Today's job seeker loves it when an employer goes mainstream and shows up on TikTok and YouTube, because that's where they are already spending their time.

Email Is For Old People. Text Me Please


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Most importantly, today's job seeker wants responsiveness. Email is too slow. Once they are in the hiring process they want texting which is easier to use and speeds up the process.

If the above makes sense to you, then keep reading. Because I have just the thing you need to learn how to leverage new age job search techniques.

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