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Those looking to make a career change have it tougher than most job seekers. In fact, there are three major weaknesses all career changers have to overcome when looking for a new opportunity. But what are they?

You Don't Know What You Already Have To Offer

Transferable skills are hard skill sets that transfer to different roles and industries. For example, public speaking, project management, and customer service are all transferable skills.

"So often, career changers haven't done the homework on themselves," says career expert J.T. O'Donnell.

So, look at your skills and strengths, and ask yourself how you can provide value to another industry. What do you have to offer?

"You have to connect those dots," O'Donnell continues. "Employers won't do that for you."

You Don't Have A Clear Idea Of Where You Want To Go


Research is crucial to any career change effort.

In order to move into a new field or job, you have to have a game plan ready. You need to have a clear strategy of where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you're going to do it before you make the leap. Failing to do so is like taking a long road trip with no map or navigational device. It will take you an awful long time to get to your designation, if you even get there at all.

Another reason why it's important to have a clear and thought-out strategy is that you need to be able to identify the skill sets that you lack at for the new career you're pursuing, so you can put a plan together for upskilling.

You Don't Have A Strong Network


Networking is such an important piece of finding a job—most people don't realize how effective a strong network can be during a job search. If you're making a career change, it's even MORE important.

"Your network is your net worth," says O'Donnell, "and [it's] going to help you make that lane change."

If you want to make a smooth career change, you need to signal your network so it knows you're looking for something different. You need to focus on developing relationships and nurturing your current connections. They're going to be the ones to let you know when an opportunity arises.

So, be aware of these things when looking for a new job, and take steps to overcome them. Otherwise, they will hold you back from finding a job you truly enjoy.

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