Veterans and active military personnel sacrifice a lot in service to the country and deserve our respect and admiration.

Despite this sacrifice, many veterans still face an uphill battle when trying to transition back into everyday life. One of the biggest challenges faced by some veterans is getting back into the workforce.

Reentering The Workforce Can Be A Challenge For Veterans

The job search process is as competitive as ever and it slows down for no one! This can be especially overwhelming for veterans, as focusing on your long-term career pales in comparison to serving your country.

Luckily, there are companies that put an added emphasis on hiring veterans. These companies know that many veterans demonstrate a high-level of commitment, character and integrity—all characteristics that you can build a strong company with.

Here are five companies well known for hiring veterans; (please note, this is only a small sampling of veteran-friendly companies). and are both excellent resources for veterans looking to explore other veteran-friendly companies.

Well-Known Veteran-Friendly Businesses

There are many companies that like to build their workforce with veterans.

Booz Allen Hamilton

With locations in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, this information technology consulting firm is conveniently located for those coming off active duty and already has a large presence of veterans.

"Founded by a veteran, we proudly serve all the U.S. government and Department of Defense, and a third of our workforce are military-connected. We offer the benefits that servicemembers and their families need, and we help our heroes transition to a civilian career through training and upskilling," the company says on its website. recognized Booz Allen Hamilton as one of the top companies hiring veterans.

Power Home Remodeling

Another company highlighted by, Power Home Remodeling is based in Pennsylvania but has locations across the country. The home remodeling firm has an entire department, the Power Veterans Initiative, dedicated to helping veterans establish careers after military service.

"We believe that the skills and strengths of military veterans make them a unique and tangible asset, and hiring them positively impacts business success. By focusing our resources into hiring, developing, and retaining veterans and military spouses, we're not only becoming a better business, but we're empowering these dynamic individuals to find purpose in their careers again," the company says on its website.

Capital One

Capital One is one of the largest banks in the country and has been recognized by as a veteran-friendly company.

The company has a "Translate My Skills" tool on its website to help military veterans narrow down their job search. In addition, Capital One has a transition program for all new veteran hires to help them build connections and integrate into office life.

"We respect and value the service of our veterans and their family members, and we are committed to hiring and helping to prepare transitioning service members, veterans, and military spouses for new jobs. We participate in national and local partnerships, job fairs, career conferences, and sponsorships, and have an internal network of military employees and veterans," Capital One says on its website.


The multinational professional services network employs over 1,000 former members of the armed services and veterans and their spouses. In addition to focusing on veterans, Deloitte has a Military Spouse Initiative that offers a number of opportunities for spouses that are forced to move around the country as a result of military service.

"We admire military veterans, their supportive families, and respect all they've done to keep our nation safe and strong. Deloitte wants to make sure you have the career opportunities you deserve now that you're home," Deloitte says on its website.

Southwest Airlines

Recognized by both and, the large airliner's workforce includes over 8,100 employees who have served or are actively serving, and over 1,400 employees who are military spouses.

The company also uses a military skills translator tool to help veterans with their job search. The company also uses an ambassador program made up of veterans and military spouses to help new veteran hires transition into the workforce.

"Southwest is dedicated to hiring Veterans and supporting our military and spouses. Our Purpose is to connect People to what's important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel. We simply couldn't fulfill our Purpose if not for the sacrifices and dedication of our military men and women. We appreciate their service and bravery in providing a blanket of freedom for our country, and we are honored to have an opportunity to welcome them into our Southwest Family," the company says on its website.

There's Always A Place In The Workforce For Veterans

Employees at a large company.

As stated earlier, the job search process isn't easy for anyone.

Perhaps your post-military career is with one of the above companies or maybe it's something totally unexpected. Whatever the case is, your experience as a veteran is valuable, now it's just a matter of merging those skills with a profession that's the RIGHT fit for you.

As you go through the job search process it's important to stay patient and take advantage of the resources available to you.

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