3 Things To Convey In Your Job Interview

Professional man conveying three important things during his job interview

The job interview—this is where it all really begins! While your resume may have impressed the hiring manager and helped you get your foot in the door, now you really have to bring home those points on the resume in person. Failing to convey the right message in the job interview means it is game over!

Don't expect a call-back from the employer if you fall short of conveying key messages. There's a lot that can be done to help prepare for the job interview so that you go into it confidently. However, it's one thing to be prepared and it's another thing to perform well at the job interview. Along with proper preparation, here are three things you must convey in the job interview.

1.You're a go-getter!

Job seeker conveying three things during a job interview


Employers desire employees who have a real passion for the work. At the job interview, demonstrate that desire, passion, and excitement for the challenges that lie ahead with the position. Make the interviewer believe you'll be able to hit the ground running on the job by demonstrating you have the experiences and skills to succeed on the job. Ask what the biggest challenge is and present examples of previous relevant work where you've been in a similar situation and what you accomplished and achieved.

The research you've done ahead of time should also allow you to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the company, its business, and more.

2.You fit right in!

Job seeker conveys they are a good fit for the position


Fitting right in is not so much about being agreeable, but being likable. Come off friendly and share your understanding of working in a workplace like the employer's. Ask questions during the interview to further understand the type of work environment that exists and then make an effort to demonstrate you have similar experience working in such an environment.

Another way to create the feel that you'll fit right in is by building rapport with those you speak with. The interview should not take on a model of a Q&A session, you want to turn it into a dynamic conversation. Find ways to build rapport that will help show how well you understand the ins and outs of the business and working in a workplace like theirs.

3.You're a character with great personality!

Professional woman successfully conveys her personal brand in a job interview


Hiring managers understand that job candidates may come into a job interview nervous, but those who are able to overcome their nerves and show some personality are more memorable and attractive as a candidate for the job opening.

When you present your personality, it's easier for employers to see how you stand out from other job candidates. Presented the right way, you can also come off even more likable. When there's the opportunity for it, don't be afraid to add to the conversation your personal quirks or likes. It's what makes you, you! When there is lack of personality in a character, the individual can come off as boring and dry. It also doesn't hurt to show how you differentiate from the next candidate with similar experience and skills.

Find opportunities throughout the job interview to weave into the conversation these three things above. In the end, you'll come off as a more memorable and desirable candidate for the job!

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