What Is Employer Branding And Why Your Business Needs It!

Good employer branding could give your company's recruiting efforts a major boost.

Every savvy management team knows a company's ability to succeed and grow rests largely on its ability to employ the best people. Recruiting is a vital business function. And unfortunately, up until now, most companies have had to use one of two outdated recruiting approaches to find good candidates for their jobs.

The first problem is online job postings!

The problem with this approach is it results in far too many applicants, the majority of which aren't a match for the position. The result is a group of tired, bleary-eyed recruiters who are forced to spend hours sifting through an excessive number of resumes in search of just a few good matches.

Not to mention they have to deal with the endless calls and emails from job seekers checking on the “status" of their application. And of course, what recruiter doesn't love having to be the one to let a candidate know they weren't selected for an interview.

Nobody likes giving or receiving rejection. Honestly, with the job posting approach, the company can't win. If you don't let all the applicants know they weren't selected, you are seen as the bad guy. And, even if your company is kind enough to send out a massive round of rejection letters, it still results in a large pool of disappointed job seekers who aren't saying very nice things about your company.

The second problem is traditional headhunting!

Instead of letting the world know you have an open position, a recruiter proactively researches and contacts potential fits for the role and inquires whether they'd be open to discussing the position that's available.

While this approach is more targeted and can have better results, it's still time-consuming and does not guarantee the people being contacted will be interested in the opportunity. Especially, when the recruiter's outreach is most likely the first experience they've ever had with your company.

The reality is when it comes to today's social-media-obsessed, time-crunched pool of talent, the answer to more effective recruiting is employer branding.

What Is Employer Branding, And How Does It Work?

An employer brand that both the company and employees can get behind is a great way to attract new talent.


With employer branding, companies leverage the stickiness of content marketing and reach of social media to circulate powerful corporate messaging. In short, it gives recruiters the ability to attract the ideal employee—like a moth to a flame.

Finding the right candidate for your next job doesn't have to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Instead, you can use an employer branding campaign to find AND filter talent in a way that will have only the most ideal candidates knocking on your door, excited and ready to work for you.

Why Should HR Start Using It Now?


The best part about investing in employer branding is it has both short-term and long-term benefits. That's because each employer branding campaign results in a set of digital assets that grow in popularity over time in search engines like Google and Bing.

The earlier and more frequently a company engages in employer branding best practices, the sooner they'll find themselves saving money on recruiting while increasing their talent pool in the process!

Don't believe me? Just ask Google. The viral campaign they conducted which showcases pictures of the various cool work spaces at their headquarters has crossed my social media path at least a half-dozen times. It's one of the most successful (and inexpensive!) examples of employer branding we've seen. Your company could be doing the same!

​Why Aren't More Companies Using Employer Branding?


In my experience, there are three reasons why most HR departments aren't using employer branding yet:

  1. They don't understand how to create an effective Employer Branding campaign.
  2. They think it will require too much work to get all the appropriate parties in their company involved.
  3. They think it costs a lot of money.

Well, not only are Employer Branding campaigns easy to create and coordinate internally, they are extremely affordable, too. In fact, in less time and for less money than it takes to post a single job online, an employer branding campaign can be started and promoted.

Want To Give Your Employer Branding Efforts A Boost in 2020?

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