3 Signs Your Company Needs To Step Up Its Employer Branding

Companies that effectively communicate their missions and culture are the ones that attract the best talent.

Do you find that attracting top talent to the open positions at your company is becoming more of a challenge? It could be your employer branding efforts.

Job seekers are very particular about what they're looking for. It's not just about salary anymore. Job seekers want to work at companies that are passionate about their mission and have great cultures. So, how do you know if your employer branding efforts are failing to communicate these things?

Here are a few major warning signs:

Your Company Website Is A Fossil 


The company website is one of the first places job seekers will go to gather important information for their job search research. While the 1990s are making a minor comeback in fashion and music, a retro-looking website can be a major turnoff to job seekers!

No one wants to see graphics that look like they came from a Nintendo game while struggling to find the information they're looking for. Your website needs to be visual with pictures and videos of real people doing real work at the company! The company website should also be extremely organized.

The modern job seeker isn't going to waste too much time struggling on a company website to find what they're looking for. If your competition has a better website, they'll have an edge!

Your Company's Social Media Presence Doesn't Exist

A young job seekers is confused by a company's lack of social media.


When job seekers research a company, many go straight to social media even before visiting the company's website. Social media is a great way to share information about your company and share any relevant videos or articles.

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok can all be used to further spread the message about your company and interact with customers and job seekers.

Social media is a mainstream marketing tool. Not using it today makes your company look behind the times.

It's also a good idea to make sure that your company utilizes its social media and website to show off its workforce. Whether it's employee bios, LinkedIn profiles, or employee feature articles or videos, job seekers want to know who's working at the company—particularly on the leadership team.

Your Company Doesn't Brag Enough About Its Success

Coworkers celebrate a company award.


Another easy way for job seekers to research a company is simply by Googling it and seeing what types of articles come up. Wouldn't it be nice if a news article popped up about your company being a leader in its industry or a feature story about an award your company won for its mission, company culture, benefits, or leadership?

The best companies are all over the news and the internet. If your company isn't getting showcased for its success, then top talent will assume you aren't as good as you say you are. Third-party credibility is a great way to show job seekers that your company is worthy of their consideration.

Also, companies shouldn't be afraid to show off community service and philanthropic efforts on the company website and social media pages.

By addressing all of the issues above, job seekers will have multiple options for researching your company to see if it's the right fit.

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