Why You Should Check Your LinkedIn Profile For This Mistake

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Your LinkedIn profile has the potential to make or break your chances with a hiring manager. Here's a big mistake people don't realize they are making on their LinkedIn profiles, and what you should do instead...

The Big Mistake? Trying Too Hard

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LinkedIn is a social media tool, but it's not like Instagram or TikTok where you put up a splashy banner and a fun picture of yourself and write all this creative text to sound as interesting as possible. Why is that? Well, LinkedIn is the number one most-adopted platform by recruiters and hiring managers. They use it to find people with the right skill sets and experience. And at this stage in the game, they don't like all that flashy, "look at me" content. It comes across as narcissistic and desperate.

Instead, you need to know how to make a simple LinkedIn profile that is keyword driven, that maximizes the use of LinkedIn's algorithm so that you get found. You also need to know how to get noticed by engaging in and posting content in a certain way. I teach a FREE class on this on a regular basis. But what I need you to understand is that if you have not reviewed your LinkedIn profile recently, you need to go do that because a lot of people are using some outdated techniques and that is costing you opportunities.

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