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When it comes to healthy food and lifestyle choices, we all know that holiday office parties can either make or break you. Here are three tips to help you navigate the end-of-year festivities at work, without overindulging.

1. Don't Go To The Party Hungry

Just like you shouldn't go to the grocery store hungry, the same is true for your holiday office party. If you go to the party on an empty stomach, chances are you're going to eat more than your body really wants to.

We recommend eating something light before you leave—not a whole meal, but a snack—so you're not starving when you get there. Something like lean protein and vegetables would be ideal. Great options include chicken salad, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, or vegetables sticks dipped in hummus or peanut butter.

Anything that's light, healthy, and filling will do the trick! Remember: the goal is to satisfy your hunger so when you get to the party, you don't overeat.

2. Choose Wisely


By choose wisely, we mean make good choices in terms of the quality of food you're eating, and the portion size. We never recommend avoiding certain foods—it is the holidays, after all! There are so many foods we only get during this time of year, so if you have a favorite, don't feel guilty for indulging in it.

What you should think twice about is the food you can have any time of year. If you really want to eat those foods, you can grab whatever you want, just smaller portions. Choosing to eat smaller portions of your favorite foods allows you to indulge without the guilt!

3. Focus On Hydration & Conversation


Hydration is very important for your overall health. Whether you're drinking alcohol or not at your holiday office party, you want to make sure you're staying hydrated throughout the night.

If you are drinking alcohol at the party, make sure you're alternating between an alcoholic beverage and a glass of water, to prevent dehydration and those dreadful holiday hangovers. Good hydration will also help your body avoid registering dehydration as hunger.

And what's a holiday party without good conversation? Nobody wants to be that person just standing by the food table not talking to anybody. So, also make an effort to connect with others during your office get-together. Put yourself out there and converse with colleagues you may not get the chance to talk to on a normal workday.

By focusing on proper hydration and spreading holiday cheer, you'll focus less on the food, and hopefully prevent any overeating (because you won't be eating just to have something to do!).

These three tips for navigating your holiday office party will help you celebrate the end of the year without overdoing it. Don't hesitate to treat yourself this holiday season for a job well done!

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Note: Individuals should always speak to their physician before making any significant dietary or lifestyle changes.

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