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How To Keep Your Job During A Recession

I struggle to write about this subject because it might suggest that there are special strategies to keep your job during a recession. I personally believe excellent work ethics helps you keep your job during the economic downturn. Those very strategies will also help you move up the corporate ladder in good times. Regardless of the economic climate, one should always practice good work ethics. If I have to choose, these will the few things that will help in keeping your job during a recession.

1. Be Nice

It feels funny to even remind people of this common courtesy. But in a recession where jobs are threatened, we all can guess who will be put on the chopping list between two persons of equal caliber. If you have been nasty to co-workers, perhaps it is time to reflect and start changing. Smile more often and offer words of encouragement, help, and time for others.

2. Be A Competitive Advantage

Ideally, you are already a competitive advantage to your unit. It’s never too late to start if you have never thought about this. What is it that you can uniquely offer to your work group that others cannot? Can you work late? Are you a detailed person who would dot the “I's” and cross the “T's”? If you are a competitive advantage to your team, you have a better chance of keeping your job during a recession.

3. Work Hard

Really, do more. Doing more implies a few things. It says you are willing to sacrifice. It says you enjoy your job. It also says you add more value to the company because you are churning out more than your fair share. During a recession when everyone is expected to work with limited resources, the one who can work harder will likely triumph.

4. Do More Talk Less

If your mom has told you this before, “Do more, talk less” heed that advice now. If you are someone who complains, blames, and gossips you had better stop now. No one will tolerate a complainer, someone who pushes blame, or spends too much time gossiping in good times - much less during a recession. Take personal responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others. If it can be fixed, stop complaining. If it cannot be fixed, no amount of complaining will fix it. How will all these help in keeping and maintaining your job?

5. Increase Revenue, Cut Costs

That will be a constant theme among companies and you should make that your mantra, too. What unit do you belong to? Is yours a profit center? If it is, figure out ways to help get more money. If yours is a cost center, think of ways to cut costs. It will all contribute to the company’s bottom line and that will help in keeping your job. During a recession, be thankful and happy that you have a job. In that context, you will naturally do the right thing by doing more and talking less. Genuinely contribute to the company’s vision and direction and be sincerely nice to people. That way you increase your chances of keeping your job during recession. Enjoy this article? You've got time for another! Check out these related articles: Photo Credit: Shutterstock