5 Tips For Motivating Your Team

Leader stands in front of his motivated team

Motivating your team can be a challenge, especially during the summer when no one wants to be stuck in the office and everyone is daydreaming about the beach. When your employees aren't "in it to win it," your brand will suffer. That's why, as a leader, it's important to make motivating your team a priority.

Here are five things we do here at Work It Daily to motivate our team:

1. Be Supportive

Leader motivates her team at work


I think it's very important to have a supportive team. Our team is very open and supportive of each other. This attitude encourages our employees to go to each other when they are stuck on a project or need some extra input. I know from personal experience that having that support system is a great motivator because it allows you to ditch your doubts.

2. Allow Everyone To Share Their Ideas

Motivated employees share ideas


We have regular brainstorming sessions with the team, which means everyone has a chance to be creative and get involved in big projects. This is a great way to get a team excited about our company projects and goals. Having a regular time and place to contribute your ideas really encourages the team to aim higher, think creatively, and work more efficiently.

3. Encourage Ownership

Motivated employees present an idea to their coworkers


We also make sure everyone "owns" a project—each individual has the responsibility for one major project in the company. Every person must create, manage, and track the results of a project they get assigned or take on for themselves. Having that extra responsibility motivates each individual to do their absolute best.

4. Let Them Know You Appreciate Them

Leader motivates an employee by showing his appreciation


Another great way to motivate employees is to let them know you appreciate their work—both publicly and privately. Whether it's a private email commending someone on a job well done, or a public announcement with a monthly award/certificate, appreciating your employees and their work is always a fantastic motivator.

5. Have A Little Fun

Motivated team has fun at work


We also make time for fun at the office. We have team lunches and games (virtually and in person), and even an ongoing office prank. All of these activities help the team bond and build stronger relationships with each other.

To me, this is a huge to-do because, if you don't make an effort to get to know the people you work with each day, you're not going to be very motivated to go to work, are you? You spend more time with these people than your own family—you should have the opportunity to connect with them and get to know them on a different level.

As a leader, sometimes it can be difficult to motivate your team. But if you make it a priority to try these five things at work, we can guarantee it'll make a big difference in your team's motivation, productivity, and happiness.

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