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There are lot of specialized groups on LinkedIn that professionals can join in an effort to boost their networking strategy.

However, just joining a group isn't enough. Much like managing your LinkedIn profile, making the best use of being a member of a specialized group comes down to activity and management.

If you want to take full advantage of being a part of one of these LinkedIn Groups, here's what you need to do:

Get Others To Take Notice

It's important to try to stand out when you're a member of a LinkedIn Group.

One of the easiest ways for others to take notice of you on LinkedIn is through discussion, and it's the same for LinkedIn Groups.

Take part in the group discussions by posting a question of your own, providing an intelligent comment to other posts, or sharing relatable information with the group. No one is going to notice you if you're just standing on the sidelines observing what goes on in the group.

Inform Others Of Your Passion And Expertise

Going along the first point above, as you consider what to post, comment, or share, make it relevant to your profession because it will help display your expertise on a particular subject matter. It's not about leaving a generic comment or random post, but building on the personal branding message you want to leave with people.

Remember that when companies are searching for potential job candidates, the more activity you have the better your ranking will be in LinkedIn's search engine.

Go To The "Jobs" Tab

Young professional looks at job opportunities within her professional LinkedIn Group.

Each group has a "Jobs" tab where you can gain information on the latest job openings. Many employers, hiring managers, and recruiters will join professional groups on LinkedIn to help source talent and they will post any new job openings there.

When you find a job opening you like in a group, you already have a slight lead over other job seekers that are simply relying on the traditional job boards because you can now directly make contact with the person who posted the job and share the fact that you are both part of the same LinkedIn Group.

Make One-On-One Contact

Businesswoman reaches her hand out to meet a new professional connection.

The beauty of joining a LinkedIn Group is you can now directly message any other member who's joined the group. Start a conversation one-on-one with the individuals you admire and who you believe can offer valuable advice to help you through your job search.

When you approach individuals genuinely, most will openly respond back. This is not to say you have to send an invite for them to join your network. Just simply get the conversation started.

LinkedIn clearly has many advantages to helping job seekers, but knowing how to manage your LinkedIn profile and what activities to take part in are important to the process of making it work for your job search efforts.

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