Don’t limit your job search to only job boards. Many recruiters today are also seeking out candidates directly via LinkedIn and posting openings there. Information on LinkedIn is generally timelier and it provides for easier direct communication between individuals. Related: 3 Little LinkedIn Tweaks Recruiters Are Begging For So, with the benefits of using LinkedIn for job searching, the question is, "How can you work a LinkedIn profile so recruiters can find it?" Follow these tips:

1. Update Your Profile

If you want to be visible, you need to make your profile public. This also means completing all parts of your profile. A completed profile is given more preference over those that are incomplete in the search engine’s ranking of results. Your profile should also include a photo, but one that is professional – you want to appear dressed for the job.

2. Include Keywords

When a recruiter searches for candidates, it often means using keywords like a job title, the name of an employer, or common terms used in the field. If your profile does not appear with any of these keywords, it’s not going to show up in search results. Make sure your profile is updated with the proper keywords, including them in your sub-header (the headline right below your name), summary, description of work experiences, and under specialties. If you want to be thorough on keywords, also look at job postings you’re applying to for common terms and phrases. It’ll help build up your profile’s searchability.

3. Obtain Recommendations

A LinkedIn profile with recommendations informs recruiters that you are active in the workforce, and have the support of others vouching your skills and talent. It also encourages recruiters to want to click on your profile to read further into what your experience, skills, and talents are.

4. Make Connections

The more relevant connections you have, the greater the likelihood your profile will show up. For instance, if your profile is connected to five other contacts the recruiter is also connected to, it makes your profile more favorable than someone with no related connections.

5. Have A Voice

When you stay active on LinkedIn, your profile will get in front of more contacts. Think about sharing relevant articles with your contacts, joining group discussions – particularly industry and job specific ones recruiters comb through, commenting on shared content, and so on. The more interaction, the greater visibility your profile will have. Whether you come to rely on LinkedIn as another means to job searching or not, the fact is recruiters are going to refer to it either way. It’s a resource recruiters have come to rely on to not only make contact with potential candidates, but also to screen candidates. Make sure your profile is properly completed!

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