QUIZ: What Kind Of Negotiator Are You?

QUIZ: What Kind Of Negotiator Are You?

Negotiating can be tough, but it’s necessary in many situations. Whether you landed a new job, asked for a raise, or bought a car, you’ve likely had to negotiate at some point. QUIZ:What Kind Of Networker Are You? But what kind negotiator are YOU? Are you a negotiating pro or do your skills need a little work? Take this quiz to find out!

1. When you receive a job offer that doesn’t meet your needs, you:

(a) Immediately push back and ask for more. (b) Think about it for a few days then ask for something in the middle. (c) Suck it up and accept the first offer, or decline it in hopes of finding something else.

2. When it comes to negotiating:

(a) You can talk anyone into meeting your demands. (b) You’re okay, but you wish you were more assertive. (c) You don’t bother.

3. Which job is most appealing to you?

(a) Lawyer (b) State representative (c) Personal assistant

4. When you ask for a raise:

(a) You ask with conviction. (b) You’re direct, but you’re willing to compromise. (c) You beat around the bush.

5. The thought of negotiating makes you feel:

(a) An adrenaline rush. (b) In control. (c) Nervous and unconfident.

6. Your favorite part of negotiating is:

(a) When they push back. (b) When they’re willing to work with you. (c) When it’s over!

7. When negotiating salary, you initially ask for:

(a) 30% more than you should. (b) 10-20% more than you should. (c) Whatever is competitive for your position.

8. Do you bother negotiating for more than just money?

(a) Yes! I think about vacation days, work schedules, and titles, too. (b) Sometimes – It depends on the situation. (c) Nope.


Mostly As: You’re an aggressive negotiator.

You don’t take one cent less than you think you deserve. You ask for a lot more than most people do, and you know you can get it if you really try. Good for you! However, don’t negotiate yourself out of a great job offer. Watch this video for tips on negotiating effectively without pricing yourself out of a job.

Mostly Bs: You’re a reasonable negotiator.

You know what you’re worth, but you also know how to compromise. If you think you’re not getting what you deserve, you will speak up, but you’re always willing to find a solution that works for both parties. That said, you could be missing out on some valuable perks. Check out these tips on negotiating for things like vacation time, schedule flexibility, and so on!

Mostly Cs: You’re a non-negotiator.

The thought of negotiating makes you anxious and uncomfortable. You would rather deal with a less-than-adequate offer than try to negotiate for a better one. We completely understand your fear of negotiating. It’s very common! Here are some tips for ditching those fears and becoming a better negotiator.

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