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QUIZ: What’s Your Monday Morning ‘Pump Up’ Song?

QUIZ: What’s Your Monday Morning ‘Pump Up’ Song?

It’s Monday morning and you’re in your car, headed to work. Some of us are ready for the day ahead, others are not. QUIZ:Who Is Your Celebrity Role Model? Either way, all of us have certain “pump me up” songs that we turn on when we need a workday boost. So, what’s your Monday morning “pump up” song? Take this quiz to find out!

1. What do you do on Sunday nights?

(a) Go over my to-do list for the next day (b) Enjoy time with family and friends (c) Recover from a wild Saturday night (d) Get stressed out and depressed  

2. What’s the first thing you do on Monday morning?

(a) Check your email (b) Open the curtains and let the sunshine in (c) Make a huge pot of coffee (d) Consider calling in sick

3. Your song comes on the radio on your way to work, you:

(a) Turn it up (b) Start singing at the top of your lungs (c) Throw out some fist pumps and drum on the dashboard (d) Think about your plans for the weekend  

4. When you get to work, you:

(a) B-line it to your office – you’ve got work to do! (b) Happily stroll through the office and say “Good morning” to everyone (c) Fill up your coffee cup (d) Go on Facebook and look at photos from the weekend  

5. At lunch, you can be found:

(a) At your desk, working – duh! (b) Enjoying your lunch outside with co-workers (c) Napping in the breakroom (d) Anywhere but the office  

6. In your weekly meeting, you’re:

(a) Taking notes and contributing new ideas (b) Distracted and/or distracting your co-workers (c) Zoning out (d) Texting


Mostly As: Taking Care Of Business by Bachman–Turner Overdrive You get up with the sun, check your work emails, and get in the work zone. You’re always on top of things on Monday morning. You take care of business! We know you’ve got lots of work to do, but don’t forget to take a break! Here’s why it’s important.Mostly Bs: Happy by Pharrell Williams You wake up happy and excited for your day. You’re not necessarily focused on work. You look at Mondays as fresh beginnings. It’s gonna be a good day! Need help focusing on work? Here are some great pointers.Mostly Cs: Let’s Get It Started by the Black Eyed Peas Getting out of bed on Monday morning can be the hardest part of your week sometimes. You need a little motivation (and an extra coffee – or two). Nothing a little car dancing can’t cure, though! Need some inspiration to get moving? Check out this article.Mostly Ds: Working For The Weekend by Loverboy Mondays are an uber drag for you. In fact, you get the Monday Morning Blues on Sunday night – just thinking about it gets your stress levels going. On Mondays, you just need a reminder that the weekend is only a few days away. Dread going to work? Reclaim your career happiness! Here’s how.

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