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What's Your Workplace Interaction Style?

Have you ever wondered about how you communicate with others?

How you interact with others plays a major role in both your career and life in general.

It can be hard to categorize yourself. Fortunately, Work It Daily has a FREE ISAT Quiz that can help determine the interaction style that best describes you.

What's The ISAT Quiz?

The ISAT quiz allows you to understand your interaction style so you can work more effectively with others. It has 18 questions about your personality and how you handle certain situations.

An example of a question includes:

What describes you best?

A) Do not like pressure situations.

B) Don't mind pressure situations if can move things forward.

At the end of the quiz, you'll get your result. An individual's interaction style breaks down into four categories: Empathizer, Energizer, Contemplator, and Commander. Which one are you?

What Do My ISAT Results Mean?


The ISAT results page gives a full rundown of each interaction style, including each style's strengths and weaknesses.

Can you guess what interaction style you are? Here's a few characteristics of each one:

Empathizer: Warm, tactful, avoids conflict.

Energizer: Open, upbeat and outgoing,

Contemplator: Calm and reserved.

Commander: Serious and direct.

You might be surprised by your results. The only way to know for sure is to take the quiz.

How Do I Apply My ISAT Results To My Career?

Understanding your interaction style can help you better interact with your co-workers. Understanding how you interact with fellow co-workers is especially important if you just started a new job and are the "office newbie."

Although you might think you have a firm grasp on how you communicate with others, you might not realize how you could be misinterpreted by co-workers, which could lead to some awkward situations and unwanted workplace conflict.

Having a better understanding of interaction style is also helpful for networking and job interviews.

Networking can be tough, so having a handle on how you interact will help you adapt your networking strategy, while potential employers usually ask job seekers to describe themselves during job interviews.

Don't Let Your Interaction Style Hold You Back At Work

There are so many reasons to understand your interaction style. In fact, if you don't take the time to learn the pros and cons of your interaction style, you could seriously hurt your career.

If you feel out of place at work or constantly get passed over for promotions, your interaction style could be to blame.

Give yourself an edge moving forward, check out Work It Daily's free interaction style quiz.

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