#1 Tip For Talking About Your Strengths In A Job Interview

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You're in a job interview and you get the dreaded question, "What are your strengths?" How do you usually answer this interview question? Instead of saying, "I think my strengths are ____," try this...

Tell Hiring Managers What Other People Have Said About You

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When you're asked about your strengths in a job interview, you want to give hiring managers solid examples, not just your own opinion of yourself. To do this, focus on compliments and feedback from those you've worked with. You can say something like this: "I've actually asked my manager and co-workers and, based on their feedback, they've told me my top three strengths are ____, ____, and ____."

By doing this, you show amazing emotional intelligence. It means you know that your value in the workplace is based on how others perceive it, your contributions. So, by getting that feedback and saying this is what they told me, it makes employers believe you'd be a great, emotionally intelligent employee.

If you want to confidently and effectively answer questions about your strengths in a job interview, just remember this tip. You'll be sure to impress employers and stand out from other job candidates in the interview process.

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