3 Ways TeleTech Reveals Its Talent Brand To Applicants

3 Ways TeleTech Reveals Its Talent Brand To Applicants

Forward-thinking companies recognize that professionals are now job seeking in a different way. Thanks in part to the boom of the digital age and the engagement it brings, a company’s potential candidates are spending significantly less time looking for job postings and more time reading content about employers that interest them. Related:4 Things Veterans Need In A Company To Succeed Moreover, there’s a disconnect with the way many job descriptions state information about a company or position and the ways in which sophisticated job seekers are compelled to apply. In order to address this, companies must adapt their ways of attracting candidates. To account for the change in job seeking behaviors, companies should identify and emphasize the culture as it really exists. The goal is to create resources and experiences that allow job seekers to determine if the company culture and the life of an employee is a fit for them. When your culture resonates with a candidate, they are more inclined to seek out information about your employment opportunities and apply. Better yet, when a candidate who is aligned with your culture is hired, you’re more likely to save resources and increase retainment over time. It’s a win-win if you do it right.

3 Ways TeleTech Reveals Its Talent Brand To Applicants

So, what does “doing it right” look like? It means giving job seekers an inside look in an accurate and compelling way. It means your culture permeates everything from your day-to-day events to your hiring procedures. It might look something like this:

1. The Employees Live The Talent Brand

This is a major component of what makes TeleTech’s culture come to life. “It’s not about a banner on the wall or just some words online,” says Ed Baldwin, Sr. Vice President of Human Capital at TeleTech. Instead, it’s about the way the culture is infused into every aspect of the business. As opposed to creating a culture or set of values for employees to abide by, employees from TeleTech locations worldwide were included in focus groups to allow leaders in the company to reveal what values and lifestyles the employees truly embody. In doing so, the culture as defined online illustrates the broader values the employees have and those they aspire to represent. The culture is something the employees live every day, and it influences how they do their jobs. As Baldwin described, “It showcases to applicants what we are and what we aren’t.”

2. Career Page Illustrates The Talent Brand

Although it’s crucial to focus on creating an atmosphere that is conducive to a positive culture, if applicants don’t know anything about it, it won’t help you earn their attention. The way you reveal your culture to applicants and its impact on employees defines your talent brand. In order to leverage your talent brand, you have to utilize content and career pages that reveal it to potential candidates. TeleTech illustrates its talent brand to professionals through its website’s career page by incorporating promises to employees, featuring employee spotlights, defining career paths, and showcasing the ways its culture impacts its team. A candidate can go on the career page and easily envision themselves as an employee. They can even access career and application resources. These pages successfully establish expectations for job seekers while showcasing what they’ll get out of a career with TeleTech. More importantly, it allows potential candidates to identify whether or not they align with the culture, which will prompt the best-fitting professionals to apply. Baldwin acknowledges how crucial this is, “TeleTech aspires to be more to clients, and to do so, we need a team that can preserve the strengths of our culture and help us achieve our aspirations. Above all else, a culture and values fit is what we look for in a candidate.”

3. Hiring Process Shares The Talent Brand

There is much to be said for a company that has a great hiring process. Think of it this way: a recruiter’s goal should be to foster relationships with his or her target candidates, because this develops trust. If a recruiter accomplishes this, even if a candidate isn’t currently ready to apply, it increases the likelihood that they will come back to apply when the time is right. Moreover, if a recruiter has demonstrated how great the culture is and truly showcased the company’s values, the candidates may feel more inclined to be consumers. If your hiring process is a negative experience for applicants, what makes you think they won’t tell other candidates (and potential consumers) about it? They will! TeleTech earns the attention and trust of candidates by providing them with tools and resources to enhance their applications, by illustrating a true picture of the culture so that candidates feel informed, and ensures that they have a positive hiring process from start to finish. Part of this is because their culture is infused into the process; recruiters demonstrate the values through their work. TeleTech even goes so far in its hiring process to administer assessments or observe applicants in multiple environments in order to reflect how well an employee aligns with the company culture. “Some people don’t interview well, but we still want to give them a chance to succeed with us. Part of that includes taking a 360 degree look at applicants to see how well our culture resonates with them. We need to fill many diverse roles, and if you live the values, you will enjoy working here,” explains Baldwin. This type of hiring process also helps ensure that TeleTech retains its integral team members. Those that feel invested in the company and its culture are more likely to continue their employment. Since a company’s values influence its interactions with clients, it’s crucial for a company like TeleTech to be transparent with applicants from the start.

Who is TeleTech?

TeleTech partners with marketing, sales and customer care leaders to design and deliver a simple, more human customer experience. Its integrated, technology-enabled solutions help its clients differentiate through customer experience, engagement and growth. With locations worldwide, its values and culture matter because they are TeleTech’s guiding force. No matter the location, the culture unites its global workforce. Want to know more? Learn about TeleTech’s culture and open positions here!Want to learn how to reveal your talent brand to applicants or job seekers? Let us know by submitting your email here!

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