6 Important Traits Every Effective Manager Needs To Have

There are some managers that simply motivate you from the moment they step in a room while others simply cannot get employees to work for them at their peak potential. The real problem stands in the fact that the effective manager does need to have some traits. Failure to have them will leave to failure for the entire company. Related: How To Manage Without Being Mean (Is It Possible To Not Be Pushy?) The successful business manger needs skills and talent. The managerial skills can easily be developed as time passes through experience, mentoring, and training. However, when referring to natural talent, this is definitely something that cannot be obtained. Productive companies will always invest a lot of money in developing and identifying the truly effective managers. If this is the type of job that you are after, you should know that the following traits are necessary:

1. Leadership

This is one crucial attribute that so many managers actually lack these days. Most companies will promote those employees that have great individual results. The problem is that a really good salesperson will rarely be a really good manager. The true leader will always be able to inspire trust, delegate responsibility and provide direction. We cannot have a leader without the manager being able to perfectly perform these three tasks. While leadership skills can be gained in time, the natively talented manager will actually be able to gain all that he needs to be a true leader in a short period of time. That is something that is a lot more important than what many believe at the moment. Every single successful business manager out there is a leader that takes the team he manages and makes it work better, faster and more effectively.

2. Communication

It is very important for the manager to have really strong communication skills. It is not enough to show that you appreciate your employees. You need to properly highlight what you want from them so that everything would go smooth. The effective manager has to be able to properly decipher, understand and then relate the vision of the organization to the employees so that productivity is maintained. If communicators are ineffective, the employees will not actually understand what the manager tells them. That can lead to so many different problems in the future. The entire team would end up feeling bad since efficiency would be low. Such a chain reaction can have a devastating effect on the profit of any company.

3. Adaptability

Business rarely goes exactly as you initially envisioned it. The successful manager has the ability to adapt. This is something that makes him/her really effective at the job. If the manager can adapt to the circumstances that are unexpected, the entire team will be led towards more success in the future. This also means that a successful manager has the necessary creative thinking to find a new solution to any problem that may appear.

4. Developing Other People

You cannot have employees that remain still when referring to the skills that they have. Any financial blog on the internet will tell you that an effective manager will make sure that the employee improves and that he becomes better at the job that is done. Developing other people basically involves cultivating talents and then motivating them to channel gained talents towards increasing productivity.

5. Building Relationships

It was said many times in the past and it is a shame to see that there are still managers that do not understand how important networking is. That is especially true today since the influence of the internet is obvious. The manager needs to establish really good relationships with potential clients and employees. Those employees that feel they are valued will always be more effective and will put in the extra effort that can bring in better results at the end of the day. When referring to building a relationship with the employee, it is really important that the manager manages to showcase empathy and trust in the ability of the team. That is something that helps everyone love working under the guidance of the specific team leader. Make sure that you know as much as possible about the employees, their strong points and weak points.

6. Constant Development

The effective manager is the one that know the problems that he has and constantly works on solving them. Career development is a huge part of career success in this job and in any other job. You need to develop in order to be able to lead employees. If you remain at the same level, the entire team remains at the same level. That manager that manages to continue growing will eventually learn how to use the above mentioned natural talents in order to make the team work great and even encourage that the employees do the same thing. The manager that never develops is basically bound to eventually lag behind as he cannot adapt to the market. This and adaptability go hand in hand. You cannot actually have one without the other. Try to improve as much as possible with every single project that you do and always be truthful to you about the flaws that you have. Fix them as soon as possible and your team members will see that you put the effort to change.


It is so much harder to be an effective manager than what most people believe. There is this belief that you can simply learn this in college. This is definitely not the case. Many of the really successful managers from around the world did not have formal training. You need to be sure that you constantly grow. That is, most likely, the most important thing that you need. Tell us what you think about the work of the manager. Do you think that the traits above are necessary or not? Are you a manager and you believe that some of the traits that were mentioned are not in your arsenal? Do you think they would help you? We would love to hear from you.

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