7 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Loving Mondays

Professional man happy at work on a Monday morning

Oh Mondays, the notoriously unpopular and dreadful start of every week. The weekend is over, to-do lists are pending, and you're getting ready to start your morning commute. The sweetness of relaxing in your bed is fading and your chipper self is falling into a state of panic, stress, and anxiety.

Mondays are inescapable, so we've come up with seven simple ways to stop hating Mondays and start having more fun-filled, productive weeks!

1.Plan Ahead


Constantly rushing? Opt out of this habit. It will hamper your mental and physical energy. Instead, plan ahead:

  • Pick out your outfit the night before.
  • Pack your lunch/meal-prep during the weekend.
  • Resist the temptation to press snooze! This just adds stress by putting you behind unnecessarily.

Have a solid, feel-good, morning routine. Do things in the morning that make you feel unstoppable, amazing, happy, blissful, powerful, and strong. This could be a variety of things like a quick, 10-minute dance session, yoga, a walk in nature, music, pancakes—whatever activity that makes your soul and mind light up.

2.Make A Delicious Breakfast


Make your favorite meal, like waffles or cinnamon-buttered toast. Cut a few fresh strawberries the night before and add some whipped cream. Having a healthy breakfast that satisfies your sweet tooth will give you something to look forward to as soon as you wake up (instead of focusing on Monday blues).



Meditation can be difficult for some but regardless of your ability, don't aim for perfection. Just try to schedule out five minutes and sit still. Or, listen to your favorite calming tunes in the morning and relax for a few minutes to prep your mind for the day ahead. You'll feel well-rested.

4.Present Your Best Self


Mondays can already be a drag and as lazy as you may be, try to put on something that makes you feel and look good physically. It will make the day a bit easier to get through and chances are, you'll feel more confident.

5.Create Mood-Boosting Playlists


Create a Monday morning playlist with your favorite songs, the ones that make you want to get out of bed, pumped with a "bring it on!" attitude. You'll start off with a more cheerful mood and dance yourself out of bed instead of stumbling out of it.

6.Use Affirmations


Affirmations can help, too. Say something that you believe, something that you know will improve your mood. Here are a few examples:

  • "I'm going to have an amazing day."
  • "I am a strong, fabulous person."
  • "Great things are going to happen to me today."

Whatever makes you feel good inside is the right affirmation for you!

7.Plan Something Delightful Ahead


Motivation increases when there is a reward. Yes, you can and should reward yourself for no special reason or occasion, but just for being you. Treat yourself well. Don't wait for the weekend! Examples:

  • Schedule in a movie, like on Tuesday nights where movie tickets at theaters are discounted.
  • Get a manicure or a massage on Wednesday after work.
  • Schedule a dinner date with a close friend or family member.
  • Visit an animal shelter and spend time with animals in need and make a donation if you can! Or volunteer towards a cause you feel passionate about advocating for.
  • Attend a workout class, whether this be spinning, yoga, dance, or whatever else you enjoy.
  • Spend time outdoors and unplug from social media. Yes, no screen time!

No successful career or professional development can begin with a depressed and unmotivated mind. Lift your spirits, ignite your mental energy, and you'll jump-start your week's productivity.

However, if you're realizing that your job is triggering your unhappiness, it's time to ask yourself, "What changes do I need to instill in myself and make to my career habits to reach my professional goals?"

Not sure where to begin? We're here to help! Join our career growth club today!

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