Digital Skills That Will Make You Stand Out In 2020

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Navigating the job market during the digital age can be daunting with the rapidly evolving demands. However, employees and job seekers can expand their work opportunities through acquiring some digital skills that are in-demand in today's 2020 job market.

Jobs requiring digital skills have increased 4% since 2014, according to a report by Burning Glass technologies. The increase comes in light of companies targeting better consumer relations and overall business operations. Here are five digital skills that you could acquire to be part of the future of many developing businesses.

Understanding Blockchain

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Job seekers can always build their skill set based on an emerging technology that will continue to evolve rapidly. In such a case, Blockchain technology is becoming highly demanded in today's workforce amid the small number of professionals supplied in the job market who master that skill.

Blockchain was originally created over a decade ago for the use of cryptocurrency but now it offers greater leverage on many fronts. It is now used to securely authorize, validate, store, and transfer data and digital information across the internet.

Mastering the skill could open up career opportunities in many industries that are warming up to the advantages of Blockchain technology, including tech and accountancy firms, oil & gas, insurance companies, startups, and governments who are soliciting Blockchain experts.

It is not impossible to get the grasp of the technology and how it can be best applied in your work field. Courses about Blockchain have been widely available online and can be accessed through online learning platforms such as edX and Coursera that cover the basics. Additionally, IBM is offering a free course covering the essentials of Blockchain and how employees can develop applications with chain-code to solve business problems.

Search Engine Marketing

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Although brands look for prospective employees with proficient skills in social media, to truly stand out, SEM is one of the main disciplines that businesses rely on. Search engine marketing increases the overall visibility of a company's website through popular search engines like Google.

The marketing tool is often paired with paid advertising, to attract optimal web traffic from search engine results. Most companies are selling a service or product, and their brand must gain traction on multiple digital platforms. Gaining knowledge of search engine marketing will surely set you apart in the 2020 job market.

Customer Relationship Management

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As business demands change, customer relationship management (CRM) has become integral in many professions today. With good knowledge of CRM, job seekers can apply for opportunities in finance, banking, insurance, legal, e-commerce, marketing, management consulting, and research, among other fields. Acquiring such a skill could allow an employee to earn a starting salary of $28/hour and above.

No one has to be CRM savvy but should have basic awareness of its core role in understanding customer connections and purchasing patterns. This all starts by first identifying the effective strategies for customer relationship management in your industry.

Employees could generate a new clientele-base for their workplaces while maintaining the existing one by applying some commonly used CRM tactics: customer loyalty cards, post-sale communications, and business analytics.

Curating & Creating Content

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For many hiring managers, content creation and curation has become one of the leading skills when looking to engage with their audience's needs and boost overall engagement. Whether it be setting up blog posts, videos, infographics, or podcasts, content creation is an essential skill to add to your resume to stand out.

As a new hire, it is key for you to understand the importance of creating content and knowing how to optimize content using keywords and strategies. A few strategies to tackle when seeking out results in content creation include, analyzing data, tracking results, and monitoring social media feeds.

Creating your own content for LinkedIn, or a personal blog, is a great way to build your personal brand.

Photo & Video Editing

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When navigating in the digital workforce, photo editing and video editing skills are becoming essential in fields in media such as journalism, advertising, and marketing. Photo and video have risen to the forefront of social media's content creation and employers are looking for candidates with the skills to boost their engagement.

To begin mastering your photo editing skills, check out tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom to begin understanding standard photo editing software. For insight into video editing, begin using applications like IMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro to sharpen your skills.

When it comes to digital transformation in the workforce, it's crucial to grasp the complex skills of the digital world to be a standout candidate. As you navigate your next career endeavor or hope to advance in your current field, these skills are essential to stand out in the job market.

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