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3 Things EVERYONE Needs To Know About Resumes

So, you think you know everything about resumes, huh? Well, that’s good, but a lot of people really don’t. Related: 7 Ways Your Resume Is Boring Just Like Everyone Else’s Let’s clear up a few things. Here are three things EVERYONE needs to know about resumes:

1. Your resume should be strictly fact-based.

If your resume has any adjectives or any other subjective terms, you need to hit the Delete button ASAP. Employers and recruiters are looking for hard facts and skills. They are NOT looking for subjective statements like “hardworking team player” or “results-driven.” Ew. Get. Away. Let’s stick to the facts, shall we? Only list hard skills and quantifiable accomplishments, please.

2. You need to create a custom resume for each position.

Each role you apply for likely has slightly different requirements. You need to tailor your resume to meet those individual needs. If your resume doesn’t have the appropriate keywords or a sufficient keyword density, you run the risk of getting filtered out by the mysterious (and flawed) applicant tracking system (ATS). Instead, create a Master Resume of all of your experience and qualifications. Then, copy and paste the relevant information into a new resume that's tailored to the position to which you're applying. That way, you can keep everything organized in one document. It will make it easier for you to customize accordingly.

3. Your resume isn’t going to get you the job.

A huge misconception is that creating a flawless resume will get you the job. Hate to break it to you, but that’s just not the case. The purpose of your resume is to present your qualifications and hard skills. Recruiters and employers don’t have time to waste interviewing applicants who don’t showcase the right skills from the get-go. Your resume is a way for them to filter candidates based on their credentials alone. Photo credit: Shutterstock