5 Sneaky Good Jobs For Summer 2021

A college students works at her remote summer job.

Whether you're a high school or college student looking for work, or a professional looking to make some extra money, there could be some intriguing opportunities available for summer 2021.

Like most things in 2020, COVID-19 threw a wrench into the summer job market. But, with the wide availability of vaccinations and the easing of statewide restrictions, the summer of 2021 will be a step closer to normal for the summer job market. However, despite these positive developments, those looking for income this summer could have better luck going after a job that isn't typically associated with the summer job market.

Here's a look at some sneaky good summer jobs for 2021.

Restaurant Jobs Are In Demand

A restaurant worker clears a table.


The restaurant/food industry was hit particularly hard during the COVID-19 pandemic, so much so that many chefs, kitchen workers, and servers who lost their jobs were forced to change careers entirely. As a result, restaurants are facing a major worker shortage as they prepare to reopen.

Several restaurant owners recently told the New York Times that one of the problems they're facing is the fact that there are so many job openings, it's making businesses compete with each other for workers. While this has created a less than ideal situation for restaurant owners, it does benefit job seekers as many restaurant owners are raising wages and improving work conditions to attract workers, according to the New York Times.

Working at a restaurant may not be the first thing job seekers think about when they imagine the prototypical summer job (like a lifeguard, golf course worker, or resort worker) but if you're interested in breaking into the industry, summer 2021 may be your time to pursue that opportunity.

Pet Grooming Is An Industry On The Rise

A pet groomer trims the hair on a dog.


Pet grooming is currently one of the fastest-growing industries, according to a March 2021 report by LinkedIn.

The report attributed the rise in demand to a large increase in pet adoptions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As people adjust to life with their new pets, they're now more willing to spend more money on their pets and have them professionally groomed.

The increased demand in grooming positions means they'll also likely be an increased demand for grooming assistants, or other unique opportunities available to gain experience in the industry. College students interested in breaking into the industry should be on the lookout for these positions.

Pet grooming could also be an interesting opportunity for individuals looking to limit their interactions with people as COVID-19 concerns persist.

Retail Is Looking At A Strong Summer

A retail associate helps a customer with a clothing question.


In many ways, retail is sometimes the old reliable of the job market. While the demand often comes in waves, there are usually always job opportunities available.

One of those busy waves is expected to be the summer of 2021. Retailers recently told the Boston Globe that they expect pent-up consumer demand and sharp increases in savings for someand federal stimulus payments for others to all contribute to a spending spree from consumers. Many retailers are staffing up accordingly in anticipation of this increase in demand.

Summer 2021 may be the ideal time to pursue a retail job, even for those on the fence about working retail, because like restaurants, increased demand could lead to increased competition and better wages and benefits. In addition, many people who start their careers in retail work their way up to management positions.

Tutoring Provides Flexibility

A math tutor teaches remotely.


Tutoring is an appealing summer job for multiple types of job seekers. It's a great option for those that excel at particular subjects, students looking to break into teaching, and teachers looking to make extra income during the summer.

There are also many different ways for job seekers to take advantage of tutoring opportunities. You can work for a tutoring company, tutor privately, or it could be part of an internship or course credit. In some cases, tutoring can also be done remotely (another benefit for those looking to limit interaction with people).

While there usually seems to be tutoring opportunities available in the summer job market, there may be extra demand in summer 2021 as some students have fallen behind and struggled with remote learning and need to put in some extra time over the summer to catch up. As an in-demand industry, there is an opportunity for job seekers to make, or charge, competitive rates in tutoring.

Internship Opportunities Are Coming Back Strong

A supervisor gives feedback to a summer intern.


Internships were greatly impacted by COVID-19 in 2020, but the combination of workplaces reopening and workplaces being better equipped to run remotely means there should be a variety of options available for college students looking for a summer internship.

Internships are a great way for college students to gain professional experience in their fields of interest.

There are even some internships that pay really well! Glassdoor recently released their list of 25 Highest Paying Internships For 2021. The top five were:

  1. NVIDIA - Median Monthly Pay: $8,811
  2. Facebook - Median Monthly Pay: $8,023
  3. LinkedIn - Median Monthly Pay: $8,009
  4. Amazon - Median Monthly Pay: $7,954
  5. Salesforce - Median Monthly Pay: $7,710

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