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3 Tips For Sending Your Cover Letter To Employers

Man on laptop writes and sends his cover letter to employers

Not sure of the right way to send your cover letter to employers? There are some critical things you should keep in mind.

You already understand how important it is to write a disruptive cover letter for each position. But how do you send your cover letter to employers without making a mistake?

Here are three tips for successfully sending your cover letter to employers.

1. PDF It

Always send your cover letter as a PDF so your formatting doesn't get screwed up, unless you're instructed differently by the employer. Why? Because your attachments can be sent to multiple people within the company and you don't want your amazing cover letter to get lost at the bottom of an email chain.

So, let's make things easy. Saving and sending your cover letter as a PDF should be the default. There will be less confusion on their end and you can be sure that your cover letter is being viewed in the correct format and won't take away from the appeal of your entire job application.

2. Proofread

Woman on laptop proofreads her cover letter before sending it to employers


Proofread your cover letter at least three times. If you think you've proofread it enough, do it once more. This is one of your first impressions. Make it a good one! Don't let typos or grammatical errors hurt your brand.

It also doesn't hurt to have another set of eyes review your cover letter before you send it to an employer. Ask a trusted friend or colleague to proofread your cover letter and give any feedback they may have on formatting, sentence structure, or clarity. Does the story you tell in your cover letter convey everything you want to say effectively, without spelling and grammatical errors?

3. Leave Out The Email Address Until The Last Minute

Man on laptop emails his cover letter to an employer


Don't put the email address in until you're 100% sure your message is perfect. You don't want to accidentally send in your job application without attaching your cover letter or reviewing its contents one more time.

Bonus tip: Your email message should be your cover letter unless the employer specifically says to attach your cover letter to the email.

Writing and sending cover letters to employers can be tricky. Follow these three tips to ensure your cover letter makes a great first impression.

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