In today's corporate world, it's a battle to stay ahead in the race for success. Both men and women are contributing equally to build up the big picture of present society and advancement.

However, when it comes to parenting and career, women still face more obstacles than men.

Most working moms say either work or parenting (or sometimes both) stress them out. Many working mothers find it difficult to cope with these challenges.

No matter what, it will always be a challenge for working mothers to maintain family and career at the same time. To ease this dilemma, here are four habits that will help working moms keep their personal and professional lives on track.

Chart Out Daily Tasks

Working mom charting out her daily tasks on the computer while caring for her child.

It may sound unnecessary to write down everyday tasks when you know what you're supposed to do for the day. However, it has been scientifically proven that, when we jot down our day-to-day tasks, it actually helps us to be more efficient and effective.

Make to do or check lists separately for weekdays and weekends. Sometimes charting out tasks can help you to finish your tasks in advance.

Be A Tech Mom

Working mom using her cell phone to look up apps that help her build good professional and personal habits.

It's high time that working moms go tech with their day-to-day lives. Get out of those old granny's parenting tips. Be a tech mom. Incorporate your smartphones into your routine as much as you can. Lean on some busy mommies apps like:

  • Cozi - A perfect family calendar and to-do list apps for busy mommies. This app will let you input your tasks according to your family members. You can also input check lists, grocery lists, reminders, appointments, etc.
  • Mom Maps - Looking for kid-friendly places? Use this app to find nearby parks, playgrounds, or indoor play areas.
  • Mint - It's a struggle to set a budget from salary and save from it. Track your income, investments, and expenditure in one app and always stay one step ahead with the monthly savings.

Have Some "Me Time" During The Week

Working mom taking some time to herself, sitting on a bench in the park, drinking coffee and writing in a journal.

Many women reported that, after having kids and being a working mom, they have forgotten to find time for themselves. Do not fall into this trap.

You may be 100% workaholic both at the office and at home, but having some quality time to yourself will help you get rid of stress quickly.

Watch a movie or favorite series, or have a quiet and relaxing shower. You could also enjoy a dinner with your favorite dish in front of the TV, or a spa day. These can be great stress busters for you.

Be Open About Your Priorities At Home

Working mom opening up to her co-workers about her responsibilities at home.

Are you struggling with your workload? Are you frequent getting scheduled for night shifts at work, and it's causing issues at home? Maybe your colleagues and boss aren't aware of your home situation.

Find a professional manner to express your personal problems and struggles of being a working mom. Get help from your colleagues to sort things better and in return, help them out whenever you can.

However, while doing this, do not make parenting an excuse to slack off from duties and tasks.

Being a working mom definitely has its challenges, and it's not easy to juggle a career and a family at the same time. I hope these daily habits help you achieve a better work-life balance.

I also hope it reminds you that you're doing great as a working mom.

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