4 Things Recruiters Are Looking For When They Search You Online

Recruiters are lurking in the depths of your social media profiles. Are they seeing what you want them to see? (Psst! Can’t get hired? Watch this free tutorial.) It’s no secret that recruiters are looking up candidates online before they move them forward in the hiring process. It makes sense, though. I mean, who DOESN’T look people, places, or things up online before they commit to them? If you don’t, then welcome to 2017. According to a recent survey, 92% of recruiters use social media to find high-quality candidates. And if that doesn’t get you hyper-aware of what’s out there about you online, this will: Almost 70% of recruiters have rejected candidates based on the content found on their social networking profiles. Woof. There are certain things recruiters are looking for when they search you online. And, if you want to make a great first impression on these recruiters, you need to do some recon work. Is there anything out there you DON’T want them to see? If so, take it down. While you’re cleaning things up, you should take some time to give them what they want, too. During these online searches, recruiters are eager to learn certain things about you. There are some things recruiters are looking for when they’re checking out your online presence. So, it’s important you those things easy for them to find. They want to know that...

1. You know your stuff.

If you’ve been bragging that you’re an expert in whatever it is that you do, you better back it up. What proof do you have that what you’re claiming is true? You know recruiters, employers, and clients are going to be looking for you online, so have something to show them. Brand yourself as an expert in your field by starting a blog or creating an online portfolio of your work.

2. You’re not bad-mouthing your former employer.

If you’re trashing your old boss, colleagues, or company all over the Internet, you need to sit down because (surprise) recruiters are not impressed. In fact, they’re thinking something like this, “If we hire them and, for some reason, they don’t work out, what if they bash US all over the Web? That’s not a good look for our brand…” So, please don’t broadcast your woes all over the Internet.

3. You have a personality.

Now more than ever, companies are hiring people based on their “fit” instead of just their work experience. Employers are realizing that hiring the wrong person can completely throw off a team dynamic, and cause workplace issues that can affect the business. So, finding people who share the same values, passions, and goals is becoming more and more important.

4. You’re not posting about inappropriate stuff.

This is a huge red flag for employers and recruiters. According to a recent study, employers have little tolerance for bigoted comments and mentions of illegal drugs. Stay clean, my friends. (The good news? They don’t care so much about your beer pong photos anymore -- as long as drinking isn’t the only thing you post about. So yay for that.) These are just a few things recruiters are looking for when they search you online. Of course, each recruiter, company, and industry has different things they want in a job candidate, so make sure you do your homework. That way, you can prove that you’re a great candidate to bring in for a job interview.

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