I Caught My Employee LYING About Being Sick! What Do I Do?

I Caught My Employee LYING About Being Sick! What Do I Do?

In this week's episode of "Well This Happened", we want to know what you would do if you found out one of your team members lied to you about calling out sick so they could go on a day trip. How would you address this with them?

We want YOU to be the career coach and tell us which one is the RIGHT answer!

Think you know? Vote below, and stay tuned for later this week when we announce the right answer (and why the other ones are wrong).

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Caught My Employee Lying About Being Sick [Part 1]youtu.be

A: Go through the company handbook. See what the policy is on calling out sick. Address the situation accordingly.

B: Ask another manager in a different department what they would do in this situation.

C: Set a private meeting with the employee, address the lying, and set ground rules so it doesn't happen again.

D: Send out a department-wide email explaining the sick day policy and state that if anyone deviates from this, there will be consequences.

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